African Holiday Locations

African Holidays

Are you thinking of an African holiday but not sure where to start?

Africa is an amazing place for a holiday but can be a bit daunting to work out the best places to visit to make the most of your holiday.

Africa has got its own heartbeat.  It pulsates to the beat of its people and its animals.  Africa has it all; the sea, the savannah, the bush, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, every type of landscape imaginable; and nowhere else has that.  

Africa is a continent made up of over 50 different countries. Each country has its own uniqueness. With a magnitude of different scenery, Africa is full of contrasts.

A day in Africa holds unexpected adventures and is one of the only places that gives you a true back to nature experience.

It is the most adventurous place on earth. You just get up and see what the day brings as there is always a treasure around the corner.  Keep your eyes open, breathe in the smells, and take in whatever comes your way.

Be prepared for anything, just take it in and enjoy it.  You will feel alive every day in Africa.

There is an adventurous spirit here and the people are different spiritually, everything is different.  There is a serenity here which claims you. It is calm and at the same time it’s exciting and touches your soul.

Even the light is different in Africa.  You will be amazed at the exceptional scenic sunsets and sunrises.

You can experience Africa in any unique way you choose, the choice is yours!

From hot air ballooning to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, run marathons though the game parks, passing zebras, giraffes and hear the birds cheering you on with their joyful chirp.

Earn bragging rights by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak.  You can simply sit and marvel at a crater teeming with game or witness the great migration captivating to the world over.

Africa’s diversity of unique scenery nature has so much to offer everyone.  

  • Relish the beauty of a perfect fine white powder sand beach, with the unique exoticism of the Indian Ocean.  
  • Take the opportunity to snorkel and scuba diving in a stunning coral reef which is both are safe and endlessly sublime.
  • Meet the farmers and learn traditional agriculture methods still used today.  
  • Trek into forests and spend a magical time with our nearest relatives the Mountain Gorillas.  Watch the Chimpanzees’ play and socialise.
  • Board a houseboat and watch the hippos playing, which is a very exciting and unique experience!  
  • Horse-back riding is one of many experiences on offer.  Riders have a unique view of the scenery from horseback and will see a tremendous amount in the bush from a unique angle. 

Via land, water or air, you can have any experience you want in Africa.   You’re going to see game that you don’t see elsewhere, anything can be there.  The guides are fabulous at pointing things out to you. There’s always something else to see. The bush has everything from small insects to the mighty leopard. The rangers are full of information on the bird life, plants and animals.

Africa has all kind of wildlife from the mighty lion to the strangely memorizing dung beetle.

Get up early be ready for the day.  Don’t forget your camera, as you don’t know what amazing experience you’ll encounter. So always keep your camera with you.

With Unique Scenic Travel you will have the opportunity to see it all. Unique Scenic Travel offers an abundance of activities, the best wildlife experiences in the world and diverse landscapes in Africa.

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