Unique Scenic Travel Holiday Locations

African Holidays


African Holiday Locations Home > Holiday Locations > Africa Are you thinking of an African holiday but not sure where to start? Africa is an

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Alaska Scenery


Holiday in the mysterious unique, wild and scenic Alaska Alaska is a travel destination that offers incredible experiences. From savouring in freshly caught Salmon alongside

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Antarctica Penguin


Antarctica is perfect for those wanting a holiday destination, completely unique from anywhere else in the world. Antarctica is a special holiday. A scenic display

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China Holiday Locations Home > China China is such a fantastic travel destination. Do you want to travel to China but do not know where

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Europe Rome Colosseum


An iconic travel destination, Europe has everything you want in a holiday. Scenic Europe is such an easy and relaxing place to travel throughout, you

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Japan Holiday Locations


Japan Holiday Locations Japan is incredible! A true cultural paradise, you will enjoy a myriad of experiences from ancient traditions to modern technological ideas. Japan

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Middle East Unique Scenic Travel Holidays

Middle East

The Middle East is a perfect travel destination for both Holidays and Stopovers! Get away from overdone Dubai and see the real Middle East. A

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North America Unique Scenic Holiday Experiences

North America

Travel to North America for a diverse, unique holiday destination North America is the perfect travel destination for everyone looking for an incredible holiday. With

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South America Unique Scenic Holidays

South America

South America Holiday Locations South America is a travel destination for everyone, from family fun to romantic getaways, unique

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United States Unique Scenic Travel Holiday Experiences

United States

United States Holiday Locations. Travel to the United States for a unique blend of holiday experiences. From oceans to desert, the USA is full of

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North Korea Yanggakdo Hotel

Have you ever wanted to peek behind the curtain of closed off countries? See for yourself what it is really like in unique locations of North Korea, Cuba and countries that are not even officially recognised?


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