Safaris And Adventures

Get off the beaten path and explore the unexplored! If you crave an utterly unique adventure in this wide scenic world, you want an adventure holiday or a safari.

There are multiple options for you to explore. Is a safari on your travel bucket list or do you want an adventure you’re just a tad nervous about? Don’t be! Unique Scenic Travel will organise all the logistics and arrangements for you.

It is not just Africa that has incredible wildlife safaris.  Throughout the world there are unique native animals to be admired.  Some you need a guide to help find, like the snow leopard, others like polar bears, are waiting for you to come admire them.

A safari is an incredible experience.  Your interest in a safari may be based on Africa’s famous big five; buffalo, rhino, elephant, lion and leopard!  Although all Africa’s myriad of species will put on a show for you!

Watch hippos play by the water’s edge, be amazed at the giraffe’s ability to camouflage itself mere meters from you and be entertained by antics of wild dogs and hyenas.  Wart hogs will run through your camp, zebras will enjoy their dinner as they watch you watching them.  Imagine enjoying canapes and cocktails as Africa’s wildlife species come together at a water-hole right in front of you! 

Chimpanzees will literally run past you chasing each other in some sort of game. Groom each other in a manner that can be described as showing off! They will play and climb all around, not caring that you are watching them! To see majestic animals up close and personal is something truly special.  Read about Gorilla trekking here!

Safaris are not just limited to Africa’s wildlife. There are numerous locations where you can enjoy a safari sighting unique creatures such as polar bears, beluga whales, anacondas, jaguars, and tigers.  A safari can take you deep into the forest or have you kayaking the coastline as orcas and whales play around you. 

Enjoy the frenzy of grizzly bears hunting and feasting on salmon or be treated to rhinos frolicking in the mud as you follow the footsteps of Tigers. have your patience rewarded with a unique sighting of a snow leopard!

You do not need to go on a safari to have an adventure. Adventures can be varied from discovering exotic locations to learning a new culture to just biking along the countryside.

Safaris and adventure holidays can go hand in hand, or they can be two separate holidays.  Add unique adventure excursions to your safari experience by hot air ballooning over the great migration or go cage diving with great white sharks.

For some an adventure is simply trying or exploring somewhere new; a new country, a new culture, a new experience.  From travelling to exotic locations which were previously closed off such as Cuba, or holidaying in homestays to paddling a traditional Maori canoe around crystal clear waters of Lake Taupo; adventures can encompass a wide range of travel experiences.

Your adventure travels can get your adrenaline pumping as you jump off the world’s highest bungee jump or ride the longest zipline.  Get a birds-eye view of the alps on a skydive, go caving with glow worms, to braving the rapids on a river rafting trip, plus so much more on adventure travel!

A unique twist to your travels might be having a new adventure in a place you have travelled to before or staying in unique accommodations!  Perhaps you have been to Thailand before but want to experience something new, this can be as simple as Unique Scenic Travel arranging for you to sleep in a jungle bubble. A unique way to sleep in a translucent bubble as elephants wander around your air conditioned king-size bed under the stars.  

Whether your idea of an adventure holiday is visiting the ends of the earth or getting your groove on as you dance to the rhythm at festivals.  We can help you plan your perfect trip.

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