Learning And Educational

Do you want to make your unique scenic holiday more interesting by learning a new skill, or travel with the purpose of having an educational holiday?

Immerse in a destination while partaking in activities that engage you in the local culture.

Immersing can be as tasty as making chocolate in South America to as informative as discovering the cause of Chernobyl nuclear meltdown. Be inspired by seeing Buddha’s birthplace as you travel around scenic Nepal learning about Buddhism.

Learn Yoga in India and learn the unique aspects of Hinduism as you delve into the cultural side of India and see it through the eyes of the Hindu religion.

Do you want to experience a safari, while doing more than observing the wildlife in Africa?

Do you want to stay at Karen Blixen’s famous plantation in Kenya? Live where she lived, see the area through her eyes and experience Kenya like the great Dane did.

Enhance your safari by learning about the animals on a specialised educational safari. 

The carnivore programme or specific birding safaris allows you to concentrate on these magnificent animals.  Benefit from the unique aspect of learning in-depth about the local species while also benefiting from an incredibly luxurious safari.

See the origins of man in Ethiopia, learn about the birthplace of civilisation, from modern day Greece, Italy, and Egypt. Learn how they are connected and put in place systems we still use today such as democracy, law, plumbing and much more. Learn about places thousands of years old before our current calendar came into existence.

If you really want to delve into the historical or political elements of a country, you can take a tour to the West Bank in Israel. Hear from two different tour guides, one Palestinian and one Israeli, to receive both unique aspects and views of the situation.

If historic battles and modern warfare interest you; From North Korea to Chernobyl from eastern Europe’s unique history through to Iran and Russia.  We can arrange special entry and inside access for you to learn about these places firsthand.

Learn about the Romanovs and the events that led to one of Russia’s revolutions as you see it through the eyes of Tolstoy or revolutionaries while traveling unique Russia.

Learning in depth cultural experiences can be as wide and varied as delving into the religious part of the culture to learning how they became a country such as Yugoslavia or Pakistan.

Cruise around Europe, your ship will stop in ports where your tour guide, (usually a historian), will give you informative tours of both famous and unknown sites. Talks of significant battles, meetings and incredible stories of survival will be shared.

An educational way to travel while exploring the country is taking a language course. While local experiences known as retreats can give you insight into a local family’s way of life.

Perhaps you want to learn a skill you want to bring back and use in your daily life, such as learning to tango in Bueno Aires.  Imagine coming back and telling everyone about the amazing sights you saw and unique activities you did in South America before impressing them on a dance floor with your newly acquired skills.

Do you want the unique adventure of going cage diving with great white sharks. Learn about these creatures of the sea and use your new knowledge to educate others while assisting on dive boats and helping to spot other marine life such as dolphins and whales.

Make new friends as you help to hand-rear sloths, parrots, rhinos, chimpanzees, or kangaroos. Help learn more about these mammals, how to care for them, their behaviours, their habits.  Help feed them, make sure their living space is appropriate and cared for. This special voluntourism helps the animals adapt to an unfamiliar environment so they can be released back into the wild.

Travel the world on a cruise holiday with special event themes which bring elements to life, and further enhance your unique cruise experience.  These unique event cruises feature from exclusive activities, special guests, and bespoke shore excursions.

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