North Korea

North Korea

For a unique holiday destination, you can’t beat travelling to surprisingly scenic North Korea.

For an utterly unique, scenic, travel adventure, you need to tour the real sites, meet the real locals experience everyday life, far away from the ‘media show’.

There is something mysterious and alluring about going to places that are closed off.  Whether it is your own curiosity, a want to see for yourself or to compare with your own homelife and culture.

North Korea is one of those places that captures your imagination.

Have you ever wanted to peek behind the curtain of closed off countries? See for yourself what it is really like in unique locations of North Korea, Cuba and countries that are not even officially recognised?  Do you want to visit North Korea but don’t know how to start?  Do you want to know what Iran or Iraq is really like, but need help with the do’s and don’ts of the travel arrangements?

Traveling to unrecognised countries can be a true adventure that opens your eyes to a completely different culture and way of living. The best way to immerse in the truth of a country away from propaganda or mainstream media sources is to see it for yourself.  It can be daunting to figure out how and when to visit. This is where our experience works for you.

Eat freshly prepared food, participate in traditions thousands of years old.  Get a true appreciation of life in places you constantly hear about and want to experience for yourself firsthand.  North Korea has several different regions, each with their own scenic sights, points of interest, and unique characteristics.

Visiting here will open your eyes, make you appreciate just how ‘off the beaten path’ some places are while being so similar to your own home.  Adjust your way of thinking as you meet farmers working the land, hiking a mountain or swimming at the waterpark.  

Have you ever wanted to learn a language while having an incredibly unique semester immersing in the local culture?  Imagine exploring must see sites with the locals from Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, to the Victorious Fatherland War Museum while taking part in Korean language classes with other university students in North Korea’s capital.  

You may be surprised to learn there are quite a few events in North Korea you can watch.  There is even a marathon in Pyongyang where you will be treated like an Olympian with a welcoming ceremony and enjoy a post marathon party!!

Unique Scenic Travel is experienced in the travel arrangements needed for North Korea tours as well as Iran, Cuba, Chernobyl, and countries that aren’t even recognised as real countries.

Listed below are samples of what you can experience in North Korea.  Unique Scenic Travel will match you to your perfect group tour or design a custom made holiday/travel package just for you. 

North Korea Language Immersion Teacher

North Korea Language Immersion

Along with experiencing the must-see sites of North Korea, you will also enjoy the privilege of being an exclusive group of foreigners to study at the Kim Hyong Jik University. Perfect for all abilities from absolute beginner, intermediate or more advanced. The University language classes will be split into ability classes.

North Korea Marathon Running

North Korea Marathon

The Pyongyang marathon will give you a unique medal and incredible travel story! North Korea treats all the runners in a big way. There is an opening ceremony, where you are led into the packed stadium by an official to the sounds of a cheering crowd. You will get a sense of what it is like to be a national hero. It is an incredible boost to your moral before you run down the streets of North Korea's capital.

North Korea Mass Games

North Korea Mass Games

The Mass Games concept is not actually based on any games, but a performance featuring over 100,000 participants in a 90-minute display of gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, and dramatic performance. This, together with music and other effects, all comes together wrapped in a highly politicized and synchronized package. There are several tours available that feature the Mass Games. Ask us for more information.

North Korea Mountain Hike

Climb a North Korea Mountain

This is the only tour to take you to the sacred mountain of Mt Paektu in the far north east of North Korea. Reach a path well off the beaten track by a charter plane just for this tour! This tour also allows you enjoy Special Victory Day events such as fireworks, mass dances and special performances. Some of the sights you can enjoy include Kumsusan Palace of the Sun - The massive mausoleum where the country’s former leaders now lie in State, it’s a place that truly has to be seen to be believed. Plus all the must-see Pyongyang sites including museums, massive monuments and local life.

Encompass North Korea

Encompass North Korea

Experience an incredibly comprehensive unique tour of North Korea as you stay in the country’s only home stay village in the beautiful Chilbo region. Explore a rarely visited province in North Korea and Chongjin - North Korea's third largest city. Take in all the major museums, sites and monuments in Pyongyang as well as visiting the DMZ, Kaesong City and Sariwon City. On this sour you also experience an Air Koryo domestic flight on a route no other airlines can fly!

North Korea Political

Political Interest Tour

Are you interested in the political relationship of China and North Korea? This tour takes you to the heart of this special relationship. Our Political Interest tours get into the details of northeast Asian communism. Learn at a discussion group with a North Korean cadre where you can learn more about Korean communism and Juche ideology. Join a local Communist Party cadre for a discussion group about Maoism and politics in China today.

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