Uganda Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safari

Enjoy trekking to close-up and personal encounters with Endangered Mountain Gorillas, plus a magical safari in Uganda!

Uganda Silverback

Imagine being mere meters from Mountain Gorillas as they interact as a family; mother’s feeding their babies, the young playing, all while being watched over by a Silverback – the alpha male.

Will you see them climb the trees, hang of the branches, or they will gaze back at you as they eat. 

Your experience is made more intimate by the forest rule of only 8 humans per Gorilla family.  This makes your trek and time spent with them more exclusive and special.

Your trek may be for an hour or longer, it all depends on the location of your gorilla family in the Bwindi forest.  It is an interesting trek with lots to see in the forest.

Your guides will point out interesting fauna and sleeping areas of jungle Elephants, along the Bwindi forests’ slopes, bushes and bamboo.

Although the Mountain Gorillas will be the highlight of your trip,  you’ll be able to enjoy Uganda’s’ many unique scenic experiences during your travels.

You can begin your safari with a unique experience of the entertaining chimpanzees of Kibale.  Listen to their chatter, enjoy their antics as they play around you, it’s a great start to your Uganda adventure!

During your travels you’ll also be privileged to spot amazing wildlife such as herds of Elephants among Zebras and Giraffes while on game drives. 

Imagine enjoying the noises of Hippos as you watch them swim around you during a boat cruise.  

Uganda is ideal for unique wildlife.  You’ll even get to witness lions climbing trees! 

Of-course all this incredible wildlife will pale in comparison to coming face to face with the incredible Mountain Gorillas.

Uganda Gorilla Climbing Tree

These magnificent creatures are truly awe-inspiring to behold.  The time you spend with them will remain with you forever.   A must do experience – words can’t describe how incredible your time with them will be.

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