African Walking Safari Packages

Being eye level with wildlife, by exploring the pure remote wilderness on an African Walking Safari package, is a unique way to immerse yourself in the scenic beauty that is Africa

A unique experience that will take your breath away, a walking safari is the most eco-friendly and down to earth way to see and feel part of Africa.

Walking Safari Giraffe

Your walks are informative as your guide can tell you all about the area from the ant to the lion, pointing out interesting about the fauna and flora as you explore the incredible scenic land.

Watch wildlife go about its day before arriving in a new location with your camp already set up.

Relax at the camp, enjoy the delicious food and have a few sundowners.  The delicious, high standard meals are freshly made, and enjoyed under the open sky.

Fancy having lunch while a herd of Antelope or Giraffes meander nearby?

Perhaps you prefer taking siestas in your well prepared, very comfortable tent or talking with your naturalist guide. You could just relax and enjoy the scenic views around you before further exploring the area with an afternoon activity.

On a walking safari you get to experience varied terrain and habitats alongside wildlife that invites you to enjoy their home. 

You don't have to carry anything as it is all taken care of for you by attentive staff.

This incredible safari is reminiscent of a bygone era, imagine exploring Africa like the first explores, with incredible different views every night, while enjoying the creature comforts that your used to.

Walking Safari Accommodation

Your accommodation is fully serviced, extremely comfortable and well-equipped.

Your spacious rooms have full bedding, the showers have hot water and amenities are provided. 

The staff are there to tend to your needs; whether it’s making you a drink, informing you about the area or simply setting up a unique experience.

Specially trained guides are always with you ensuring your safety. African sunrises are simply majestic.  Waking up to a dazzling display of colours while in the midst of nature is a unique immersive experience and a fantastic way to feel the heartbeat of Africa.

Choosing an African Walking Safari Package

African Walking Safari Holiday Packages are available in most places in Africa. Unique Scenic Holidays can tailor make a custom package particular to your needs. Contact Us To Find Out More

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