Custom Designed

Design YOUR OWN CUSTOM HOLIDAY! Tailor made / Bespoke tours


This is your chance to design your own holiday.

 Everything to your specifications from flights to accommodation, you design your holiday your way.

Design an itinerary to your style and budget, match your travelling style to your objectives and include activities and experiences that interest you!

What does your perfect holiday look like?

Who is a Custom Holiday for?

Everyone! Any traveler, either travelling alone or with a group of friends, to families. Custom made is for anyone looking for a holiday designed to suit their objectives. from special interest to ultra luxury, we cater for all travelers looking for a unique scenic experience.

Create a unique holiday designed just for you! You tell us where you want to go, when you want to go, your budget, and let Unique Scenic Travel do the rest!

What holiday destinations can I visit?

Anywhere you want to go. We can even combine several countries into a multi-country itinerary.  Our sample itineraries will give you some ideas in some of the countries we offer.

Do I have to travel on certain dates?

The best part of custom made is you can go anytime you want. Unique Scenic Travel will be able to advise you on the best seasons for your chosen destinations. 

Can I travel by myself or with a group?

Unique Scenic Travel will design an Itinerary for anyone ranging from single travellers to groups of all sizes. Any age, any gender and destination

Is a custom designed holiday cost effective?

It offers amazing value as we work to your budget.  We can advise on proper budget guidance for all destinations.

What if I don’t know what type of holiday I want?

This is what Unique Scenic Travel is here for. We will put an amazing unique itinerary together for you to look at and we will work with you to  create and perfect your unique holiday, designed just for you.

What about guides or drivers? How do I travel around the destination I choose?

If you prefer to hire a car and drive yourself, we will organise all the car hire details for you.  Otherwise we will make sure you have local guides and drivers that accompany you or if you prefer the use of guides at specific sites and destinations.  

See below for some examples of Custom Designed packages

Major Events

Sporting Experiences

Sporting Experiences Packages There is nothing quite like watching sporting events live, in-person. Travel to the top events around the

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Middle East Camel
Middle East


Holiday in legendary Egypt Egypt is a well known travel destination famous for ancient landmarks that still survive today. Some

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Learning And Educational


Imagine rescuing an injured animal, hand feeding a rhino or hand-rearing a baby leopard. How many of your friends have

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Amazon Community Kids
Learning And Educational


Homestays are a great way to immerse in the local culture, meet the locals and truly see life through their

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Super Bowl
United States


Imagine being at this exciting event in person! Experience the thrill live, as these elite athletes give everything they have

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