Essence of Tanzania

Get a taste of the essence of Tanzania with an itinerary that highlights this unique African safari destination.

Unwind under vast African skies, in expanses of true wilderness and arguably the best game viewing areas in the country.

Essence Of Tanzania Lion

From Tanzania’s untouched Tarangire, to the world famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Parks.  This leisurely safari allows you to immerse and discover the wild spirit of Tanzania.

Staying in intimate camps, you’ll be constantly surrounded by the areas exceptional resident game.  

Imagine dining alongside herds of Elephants and listening to the sounds of the big cats at night. 

At certain times of the year the migration is only a stone’s throw from your accommodation!

There is always some action going down in the Serengeti, whether it’s the thrill of predator action around the young calves, or the chaos of the migration, as thousands upon thousands of wildebeest launch themselves into the Mara River.

This Tanzania itinerary will allow you to immerse in the wildlife rich areas of the country while giving you a relaxed unique holiday.

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