Uganda Holiday Destination

Uganda is full of surprises, offering everything you need for your African adventure.

Only in Uganda will you find tree climbing lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, chimpanzees and mountain gorillas!

Uganda Tree Climbing Lions

Safaris in Uganda are incredible, full of opportunities for you. 

Uganda is one of only two places where you are privileged to see tree climbing lions, adding an extra dimension to your travels.

Imagine watching lionesses teaching their young to climb trees, stretching out over their branches as zebras linger below. 

Perhaps as you watch the lions you may spot a leopard also lazing around in the branches!

Uganda is known for being home to primates.

Coming face to face with mountain Gorillas is a majestic and almost spiritual feeling

Uganda Two Gorillas

There is a variety of gorilla families each with their own distinct personalities.  

Mountain Gorilla trekking is something you need to experience for yourself as it cannot be told through pictures or written word as neither can never do this experience justice.

Unique Scenic Travel goes through this immersive, life changing experience in more detail below.

Uganda Chimpanzees Grooming

The chimp trekking experience is a truly unique experience which allows you witness our closest relatives going about their day. 

Gathering food, grooming, relaxing – sometimes running past us at speeds too quick to even get a fuzzy picture. 

You’ll be fascinated by these amazingly active creatures. 

Laugh at their playfulness as they socialise by chasing each other and swing through the trees.

Witness their acts of friendship as they groom each other, which is fascinating to watch.

The Chimpanzee experience will be an amazing highlight of your Uganda holiday.

Uganda is full of wildlife sightings.

Wake up to families of warthogs and antelope outside your room.  You may get a chimpanzee swing through the trees as you have dinner. Your guaranteed beautiful birds encapsulating the sounds of Africa throughout your travels. 

Bird watchers will love Uganda!

An impressive 1063 species have been identified, including the exclusive shoebill stork making Uganda arguably Africa’s richest birding destination.

As well as amazing game drives you can also get up close and personal with Uganda’s incredible wildlife with walking safaris, bicycle safaris and a boat cruise through a wildlife rich Channel – a must do!

Imagine being surrounded by giraffes on a scenic walk or cycle alongside galloping zebras. Watch rhinos wallow in the mud as you Horse ride next to elephants meandering down steep mountainsides with ease. 

Uganda Tower Giraffes

A huge number of hippos occupy Uganda. Imagine hippos swimming all around your boat on your cruise!  Hippos love to play with each other and at sunset you’ll be amazed at how they can clamber up hills to eat the grass on top.  The amount of wildlife you will see while cruising Uganda’s waters can’t be underestimated!

During your cruise you will see the local villagers preparing their traditional boats and heading out for their evening fishing exhibitions. Many of the villagers will wave and if they see you – pose for photos.  Just another sample of Uganda’s friendly hospitality.

Lake Mburo National Park offers stunning wildlife, scenic views and a bragging rights marathon that goes through both the national game park and the local village farmland, allowing you to run alongside the wildlife, and immerse in the local villages.

Uganda offers so much more than just amazing wildlife!

Uganda Murchison Falls

Uganda is home to incredibly diverse geographical features. 

Uniquely Uganda can boast the world’s largest Lake and second largest freshwater body, the world’s most powerful waterfall and the start of the Nile river, as well as the world’s largest freestanding volcanic mountain – Mt Elgon. 

You can walk through caves, immerse in hot springs, admire cascading waterfalls and scenic glacial lakes.

Uganda offers an abundance of unique scenic experiences for you to enjoy.

You can raft a sequence of high grade white water rapids on what is considered one of the worlds finest areas of white water.  Immerse in serenity while taking a peaceful swim or relax on sandy shorelines. Enjoy freshly caught and prepared fish or partake in many water sports available.  You can feel, hear and see the incredible might of the Nile squeezing through a small gorge at the world’s most powerful waterfall 

You can partake in nature treks or more intense hikes in Rwenzori mountains, Mount Elgon and Mgahinga National Park.  Try bungee jumping over the Nile, have fun on zip line canopy trails, or enjoy a scenic Hot air Balloon Safari. 

Whichever adventure you choose to do, it will be a unique compliment to your Uganda experience.

You can really do it all in Uganda, the pearl of Africa. As Uganda is on the equator – making for some fun photos, you are guaranteed to have green, lush landscapes whenever you visit. 

With so many experiences awaiting you in Uganda, we have provided below some sample packages.  We love to custom make your holiday as specific permits are required for Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee experiences. Contact Unique Scenic Travel to discuss your perfect holiday requirements

For every holiday to Uganda we will donate $100.USD from every booking to the following charity;

Care for Rangers – With the goal of protecting wildlife from poachers and other illegal activity, Care for Rangers provides rangers with necessary training and key equipment to counter heavily equipped poachers. Care for Rangers also provides field vehicles for the deployment and rescue of wildlife, taken to speciality health centres for the diagnosis and treatment of injured wildlife. They also take care of injured rangers and support the  families of those who get killed on the frontline while securing the wildlife, such as Mountain Gorillas.

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