Photography Tours

Whether you are a pro, or absolute novice, a photography tour is perfect for those wishing to spend time photographing unique scenic sights from wildlife to landscapes.

Photographing Polar Bear

Travelling while capturing unique scenic sights on a photography tour is a great way to see the world!

Whether you wish to photograph wildlife such as polar bears and elephants, migrating birds in flight, or incredible scenic landscapes from beaches to mountains; we will find the tour best suited to you. 

Imagine not just enjoying a festival but being able to capture it from a unique perspective.

Being able to explore and capture distinctive images during your travels is a great way to create mementos of your journey to share with your friends and family.

You have the option to partake in tours, that are structured around lessons which highlight and encourage your photography. Some of the techniques you will learn are how to best capture your subject during all weather conditions, how to best utilise the natural lighting of your surroundings, how best to frame your subject and much more.

During your tour, you will receive expert advice from professionals in their field.  Along with lessons on techniques, you will be able to analyse how to best achieve your desired results, as well as learn photography extras such as how best to use lightrooms.

As your days are structured around lessons from the professional, you can spend your evenings (when not photographing your travels) showing off your best shots from the day with your fellow travellers.

Photography tours can be both land-based as well as water-based allowing you to get a different perspective of your subject with custom built boats and vehicles. Unique Scenic Travel can organise luxurious accommodation with special dark rooms and equipment for you, to more low key options allowing you to have your desired setting.

Unique Scenic Travel will organise unique, immersive travel experiences for photographers of all ability and experience.  We understand you want the opportunity to capture your chosen subjects without having to worry about the details of your travels. So we take care of the details for you.

You can live out your photography dreams, take advantage of specially built equipment, and learn hints and tips on photography tours.

Photography tours are more than running around trying to find the best spots, they are about capturing the essence of your travels.

Unique Scenic Travel photography tours seek out the best scenic views and incredible photo opportunities so you can relax and enjoy your photography based travels.

Have a look below at some sample Photography Holidays

Botswana Photo Safari

Botswana Photography Safari

Botswana has a myriad of fantastic photography options.  Suitable for both beginners and more advanced, these photography safaris will take you to the best places and allow you to update your skills while staying in luxury!

Have a look at a few sample photo safaris below

Botswana Photo Safari

Great Migration Photography Safari

The Great Migration is an awe inspiring event, which creates vast incredible moments to photograph.  Suitable for both beginners and more advanced, these photography safaris will take you to the heart of the action, allowing you to capture fantastic shots while staying in luxury!

Zambia Zebra With Daybed
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Zambia is the perfect destination for a truly unique and luxurious safari. A treasure trove of wildlife, Zambia is home

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