Luxury Tours

Luxury travel comes in many unique forms, from private jets to all-inclusive scenic accommodations.

Luxury holidays have that special ability to give you a personal touch while treating you with high regard.

There are many unique aspects to a luxury holiday.  Spacious accommodations, along with being all inclusive, are designed in such a manner that they have thought of every detail. With inventive interior design that highlights your location, double bathrooms giving you extra privacy, private pools that overlook incredible scenic views and sitting areas both inside and on your private balcony.  Your luxury accommodation is a true wonder to behold.

You may enjoy a private butler that serves you drinks in your infinity pool.  A lunch in a unique location gives you amazing special memories with entertainment and surprises designed just for you.

Luxury is more than just incredible accommodations.  Luxury can be special touches that set your holiday apart.

You may find luxury in a private suite overlooking a sporting event or concert.  Having Michelin style food and drink served to you as you mingle with like-minded new friends and cheer on your sports team.

Travelling both towards your holiday destination and during your travels can be a memorable luxurious experience.

Train journeys will delight in showing you the best of a destination while giving you unique features to enjoy your journey.  Airlines will compete to offer you the best service among welcoming unique amenities.  Would you like to enjoy a shower at 40,000 feet or relax in an onboard bar.  You will feel elegantly chauffeured in your private suite as flight attendants adhere to your needs.  

You will receive the regal treatment as you holiday onboard Yachts and cruise lines that specialise in luxury travel. From grand pianos in your suite to enjoying champagne on your private balcony, these cruises are the pinnacle of opulence.

Luxury for some is having facilities and amenities galore, for others it is having the freedom to explore in a personal manner.  Do you want a private unique tour of places not open to the general public.  To gaze upon the wonders of the world from a hot air balloon or kayak amongst icebergs and Whales?!  Perhaps you would like to awaken to the sounds of nature and the smell of hot freshly made coffee or to relax in your private beach cabana. 

It can be the extras that really make your luxury travels special.  Imagine receiving white glove table service in the middle of the bush! Admiring scenic views while in lavish surroundings amongst an intimate, authentic atmosphere.

Luxury travel means you can relax and enjoy your holiday, from transfers to intimate activities, you will have a grand travel experience. Talk to Unique Scenic Travel about your perfect luxury holiday.

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