Holiday FAQs

Unique Scenic Travel can make your dream holiday a reality!

Whether you want to:

  • Design your own custom holiday 
  • Join an escorted group tour
  • Experience a wilderness safari
  • Explore exotic locations
  • Enjoy a cruise 
  • Enjoy one of our specialized tours

Holidays are a great way for you to collect special memories while exploring the globe.  See below for Unique Scenic Travels FAQs on a few holiday options.

Custom Holidays Frequently Asked Questions

Design YOUR OWN Custom HOLIDAY also known as Tailor Made or Bespoke tours

This is your chance to have your own holiday exclusively designed just for you.  Everything to your specifications from transport to activities and unique luxurious accommodation.  Your holiday your way.

We will design an itinerary to your style and budget! Whether you want to relax on a private beach, trek through the Himalayas or enjoy a wilderness safari. We will custom make your holiday to your objectives.  You can sit back and relax, knowing your holiday experience will be authentically made to your wishes.  What does your perfect holiday look like?

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Cruise Holidays Frequently Asked Questions

Cruise Holidays Frequently Asked Questions

A cruise holiday represents amazing value, with breathtaking entertainment, delicious dining and phenomenal on-board activities all included.  Travel to exotic locations while relaxing or partying. The world is your oyster on a cruise!

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Group Tours FAQ

Group Tours Frequently Asked Questions

A group tour is perfect for a person who wishes to explore and experience a place with like-minded people. You can be a single traveler or a couple of friends, you do not need to put together a group yourself.

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Africa Holiday Frequently Asked Questions

Africa is an amazing continent with so much to offer. Each country has its own unique culture and special experiences. Africa should be on everyone’s bucket list!  Incredible scenery, Endangered wildlife, and adventures await you!

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North Korea Language Immersion Teacher

North Korea Frequently Asked Questions

There is something mysterious and alluring about going to places that are closed off.  Whether it is your own curiosity, a want to see for yourself or to compare with your own homelife and culture.  North Korea is one of those places that captures your imagination. 

Japan Rail

Rail Travel Frequently Asked Questions

With train travel you easily connect with several cities or a few countries within one holiday.  With very scenic routes throughout the world you can travel throughout several countries, listening to over 200 languages as you enjoy a myriad of options from city breaks to multi country holidays

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