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United States Holiday Locations.

Travel to the United States for a unique blend of holiday experiences. From oceans to desert, the USA is full of authentic and surprising diversity.

The United States of America, known as the USA, is one of the largest and most diverse countries across the globe, a great travel destination for everything from city breaks, skiing holidays, road trips, beach holidays to theme park holidays.

Made up of 50 states, the continental USA is known as the mainland consisting of 48 states , While Alaska is attached to Western Canada and Hawaii is an archipelago of islands in the pacific.  Each state is different and will give you unique travel memories.

The Continental USA is still referred to in a tongue in cheek manner as the south and north, this is great for you, as you can almost experience two different cultures.

The south has soul food, jazz music and a lot of fascinating, complicated and diverse history.   Which you can experience by take a walk through unique & vibrantly preserved plantations and mansions during your travels.  

The history of both the Civil and revolutionary wars can be experienced and seen throughout the south via Plantations. Tours are the best way to learn more about this, in ways that are both educational and a host of fun

One of the Southern states, Kentucky, is the home of bourbon. You can also revel in the excitement of a famous Kentucky derby horse race and explore the great Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system in the world!  Another southern state, Louisiana, is the host of Mardi Gras, an adult-only party!

World famous Mardi Gras is something you must experience to comprehend.

In March each year, the city of New Orleans comes alive with celebrations, bead giving and colourful parades. BOOK EARLY!! Most hotels have a minimum stay so be prepared to spend a few days with like-minded revellers. Unique Scenic Travel can organise everything for you.

The USA has plenty of other party spots to enjoy as well. Miami Beach and Florida Keys seem to have an almost constant party atmosphere going on, where you can always be sure to find good company, music and entertainment at the water’s edge.

If you want to experience some super extravagant and exhilarating partying, St. Patrick’s Day in New York City or Cinco de Mayo in the Market Square of San Antonio will give you a closer look into the fun-loving side of the people of the USA.

The USA’s incredible terrain for hiking in summer also means perfect mountains for skiing and snowboarding in winter.

Limitless opportunities for adventure awaits you in forests, mountains, rivers and lakes. You will find epic and unforgettable experiences throughout the country.

The USA’s coastline offers plenty to explore for everyone, whether you want the buzzing city beaches of California and Florida, or a relaxing beach holiday.

Heading beneath the waters on a diving or snorkeling trip provide plenty of exciting options with plenty of wrecks and marine life to explore.

Sporting events are a huge draw card in the United States.  Baseball is a favourite pastime and a fun day out – Unique Scenic Travel can assist with tickets to sporting events.

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For Shopaholics the USA offers opportunities to search for must-have items and bargains in a country where shopping is can be a full-on experience.  The USA loves to head to the mall, the outlets or that cool corner of downtown, and come back with bags full of goodies!

The USA is also home to world famous landmarks, diverse Neighbourhoods and first-rate museums.

For an incredible sense of weight and power, visit USA’s capital city, Washington Dc.  Home to the President and Congress, Capitol Hill in Washington has especially imposing architectural works like the Lincoln Memorial.

Some of the best experiences in the US are those that revolve around the great diversity of nature.

The USA has some of the best preserved, scenic dramatic beauty in its National Parks.  Frequently used for as a backdrop for movies featuring the planet Mars, and a NASA training location, Maui in Hawaii gives an almost otherworld experience, as if you’ve landed in a whole new planet.

Known as the city that never sleeps, New York city is famous for being the setting of many movie and  favourite tv shows. NYC also has incredible Broadway shows, nightlife for every party goer and urban architecture to marvel at such as the empire state building, and of-course Macys famous thanksgiving parade.

You can also see one of the seven natural wonders of the world in the USA – the Grand Canyon.  Grand Canyon is of incredible might and vastness.  Take a few days walking around, check out the magnificence sites from a helicopter, a campsite or take an exciting raft down the waterbed.

Niagara Falls is located on the border between USA and Canada.  A waterfall of incredible might you can feel the rush and strength of this waterfall as you take in the spectacular scenery and unique experiences in the surrounding state park.

United States Adventures

You can meet all your best-loved characters from your childhood and favourite movies!

Walt Disney World and Disney Parks offer some fantastic experiences and rides in the world, The USA is also home to Universal Studios, and Six Flags amusement parks.

The grand traditions of road trips got its influence from the USA.

The USA is a country of great open spaces, you can travel along highways that lead out of bustling cities into red-rock deserts, drive around towering mountain peaks, and across rolling wheat fields.

Unique Scenic Travel can help you plan your perfect road trip exploring all the opportunities to take both famous routes, such as the Pacific Coast Highway and Route 66; as well as roads less travelled, including the Historic National Road across the Midwest and Hawaii’s scenic and memorable Hana Highway.

For an experience you’ll never get anywhere else in the world, the Loneliest Road across Nevada is an almost eerily quiet trip through mostly uninhabited lands that becomes a soul-searching expedition.

With numerous options from mountains, deserts’ to oceans, Unique Scenic Travel will organise you perfect opportunities to enjoy the time honoured road trip!

The next time you’re looking for a unique scenic travel destination. You’re sure to find your fit in the United States.

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