Zambian Carnivore Program

Gets up close and personal with Lions, Hyenas and Wild Dogs with a special Zambian Carnivore Programme safari!

You will love this special, rare chance to get close to the endangered wild dog, immerse with lion prides, learn how to track hyenas amongst so much more.

Carnivore Week Hyena

This all-inclusive carnivore week is a rare chance for you to go behind the scenes of a traditional safari with unprecedented access to scenic Zambia, giving you a chance to gain some exclusive insights into an African conservation program.

Along with exciting Safari activities in Zambia’s scenic Luangwa valley, you will also have a special carnivore specific activity each day. You will aid conservation efforts by learning how to handle specialist equipment while enjoying a variety of applied research activities, including anti-poaching and habitat conservation work. 

This incredible opportunity along with game drives and walking safaris will give you a unique, exclusive safari adventure focusing on Africa’s predators.

Have a look at the Carnivore itinerary

The Carnivore Week holiday is available every year in November or anytime by request with your own personal group. 

Numbers are limited and books out fast so check out the Carnivore information and itinerary and contact us for availability

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