An iconic travel destination, Europe has everything you want in a holiday.

Europe Spain Cathedral

Scenic Europe is such an easy and relaxing place to travel throughout, you can easily breeze through several countries in a single unique journey.

Have lunch in Italy before swimming in Croatia in the afternoon. Imagine living out your favourite fairy tales, in the real life castles that inspired your favourite fables.

Be amongst a kaleidoscope of cultures, languages, history and fashionable cities.  With amazing architecture, historical sites, outdoor statues and sculptures sprinkled throughout the cities, Europe itself could be a museum.

History is an important factor throughout Europe.

Europe has been the epicentre of several battles.  Whether fighting was raged at the ancient Colosseum, the beaches where the legendary Greeks fought over Helen of Troy, World wars to modern nuclear warfare, the evidence is littered throughout.  You have serveral opportunities to follow in the footsteps of those who fought on the front line.

Learn about the incredible sacrifice and bravery on the battlefields or take an in depth look at the weapons and machinery used throughout history from the ancient Romans to Chernobyl.

No matter what your interest, Unique Scenic Travel will be able to organise your perfect historical adventure for you.

Europe Rome Colosseum

The food Europe has to offer is legendary!

While travelling around you’ll get to enjoy mouth-watering dishes.

From all the ways you can devour Cheese to watch the expert chocolatiers make you personal bespoke chocolate in Belgium.  Enjoy moist Black Forest cake while in the Black forest! Be introduced to the French fry capital of the world, learn to make olive oil, try escargot or go truffle hunting! Naturally the seafood is amazing – fish for your lunch  off your yacht in the Mediterranean or enjoying one of the many fine restaurants.  In Scandinavia you can learn how to make proper smoked salmon as well as try reindeer meat!

Whatever your taste buds desire, Europe will indulge you!

Several Countries in Europe claim to harvest the best wine!  What better excuse to try them all! Bordeaux in France even offers a wine tasting marathon – the most fun you’ll ever have while exercising.

The stunning Riviera consists of Italy, France and Monaco.

Italy has been the epicentre of civilisation for centuries. Walk down any street in Italy and you can be transported to a different era.  You’ll have history surrounding you from the ruins of Pompeii to the beauty of Naples and of course the centre of Christianity – the Vatican which is a separate nation and incredible to behold from the inside.

Venice and its canals invite you to get lost in its splendour. As Italian artistic talent is celebrated everywhere, it’s easy to treat yourself to a Gelato and just stare at the amazing artwork all day long.

Monaco is famous for Grace Kelly, exorbitant glitz & incredible glamour.  You can spy affluent cars arrive at the casino, cruise on the incredible super yachts and watch the famous grand prix with its unique hairpin turn.  You can experience the Riviera in many exciting ways, from day tripping to luxurious train journeys, or take a scenic cruise, making a true adventure out of it!

The iconic Northern Lights are fantastic to witness in Scandinavia.

Europe Reindeer

Witness this natural phenomenon in a unique, scenic location makes it more special.  Scandinavia is also close to North pole, just perfect for those who want to meet Santa and his reindeer!  

European Christmas markets are a true experience! Each country delights in the festivities and will put on a show of magic and lights.   

Whether you prefer to relax in luxury aboard high speed trains, sail around the Mediterranean or hike across the Alps. Europe is a perfect destination for travel.

Talk to Unique Scenic Travel to organise your dream holiday.

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