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South America is a travel destination for everyone, from family fun to romantic getaways, unique wildlife and scenic adventures. A continent so unique and exotic; it is almost impossible to describe in just a few words.

Even if you’re not sure what you want in a holiday, South America has you covered.

The countries that make up South America are incredibly diverse with each country offering their own amazing travel opportunities from the cosmopolitan cities, to the unspoiled beaches, abundant wildlife to lost kingdoms. South America is a truly unique place, bursting with differing cultures and oozing with intrigue.

South America is home to incredible nature!

You can watch humpbacks breaching and visit treasured wildlife havens as you straddle the Equator.

Do you like the idea of swimming with pink dolphins and playful seals or kayaking along Jaguars, perhaps you want to visit sloths in their natural habitat?

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South America Seals

South America is unrivalled for its archaeological wealth, you can lose yourself in legendary lost cities and cultures that can be traced back to the glittering Inca civilization.  With endlessly fascinating ancient sites and cultures, you can feel like Indiana Jones!

Hiking and mountaineer enthusiasts will love the Andes; the longest mountain range in the world! The Andes spans seven countries; Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Of course nothing beats the bragging right of climbing the iconic (and still active) 19,347-foot-high Cotopaxi Volcano, an incredible feat, perfect for a special bucket list.

If you like volcanoes, imagine yourself driving down the incredibly scenic Avenue of the Volcanoes – a fascinating chain of active and dormant volcanoes!

South America Horse Riding

Among UNESCO heritage sites you will find pure adventure, which will quench the thirst of even the most daring thrill-seekers, in unique playgrounds that guarantee adventure like nowhere else.  Of-course for party goers you can be fuelled by samba beats, carnival fever and legendary beach cultures.

South America is famous for football (known as soccer in some parts of the world) Chocolate and Coffee!

With Unique Scenic Travel you will have the opportunity to see it all. Unique Scenic Travel offers an abundance of activities, the best wildlife experiences in the world and diverse landscapes in South America.

South America Travel and Holiday Packages

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