Fitness And Wellness

From hiking up mount Everest to relaxing with a mud facial using volcanic soil, fitness and wellness holidays are a unique way to travel.

You can enjoy both active activities and spa retreat holidays in incredible locations with a myriad of options to suit your individual style with fitness and wellness holidays.

Physical wellness and inner spiritual rejuvenation can be mutually inclusive, whether you are looking for an all inclusive spa retreat or a way to connect with your surroundings.

Picture your personal unique wellness holiday; are you swimming amongst wild dolphins or absorbing incredible enrichments into your body from the natural sea salt and therapeutic mud of the Dead Sea? Are you being pampered with spa treatments by a private waterfall or doing Yoga in the spiritual centre of India?

Unique Scenic Travel understands that everyone is different. You may prefer exploring with others or you may wish to have a wellness journey custom made just for you. 

By getting back to nature and relaxing with native local families away from the trappings of technology you can reenergize.  Regain your feeling of self-worth and feel good doing it.  As well as healing your soul, you will be positively contributing to a local family and community.  Have a look at our homestay packages here

Unique fitness holidays can be enjoyed by all fitness levels, whether you have a personal goal to accomplish or you just enjoy being active while travelling.

Fitness holidays can be as adventurous as mountaineering in the Himalayas, skiing the Rocky Mountains or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.  Cultural fitness adventures such as exploring Machu Pichu and learning to tango in Argentina can give you a sense of purpose while raising your heartbeat.   Perhaps you do not need an adventure as vigorous as kayaking amongst icebergs, but just want to move your body a bit while enjoying a luxury vacation!  This can be as simple as riding a horse up a volcano or partaking in a walking safari!

A walking safari is an incredible way to get up and close to wildlife.   To watch a mother teaching her baby to frolic in the mud, (a source of sunscreen for many animals. By rolling around in it they are protecting their skin) is truly a wow moment.


Throughout the globe there are opportunities for you to see the world, to venture out and explore while keeping fit or even getting fitter!

Fitness and wellness holidays can go hand in hand. Trekking to see wild Mountain Gorillas gives you a sense of wellness as you come face to face with our majestic relatives. No words can describe the feeling of meeting them, but words can describe the hike – worth it in the end but you may need encouragement from your porter as you test your fitness levels. Read more about Gorilla trekking here

Regardless of your fitness level, there is a perfect holiday for you.

You can travel to enhance your fitness or perhaps there is an objective that encouraged you to get fit such as canoeing down the amazon in search of Jaguars or exploring the Galapagos Islands.

Fitness holidays can be unique in their opportunities.  Picture yourself keeping fit on holidays as you ride your bike through wine regions of Tuscany, Italy or Bordeaux, France.  Experience an Australian Walkabout as you immerse in the history and grandeur of such a diverse country.  Have you ever gone polar diving or stood on top of the world?  Travel is great for the mind as it opens you up to all the possibilities the world offers.

Whether you are looking for an inclusive spa retreat or to move your body, Unique Scenic Travel can organise your perfect fitness and wellness holiday.

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