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Antarctica is perfect for those wanting a holiday destination, completely unique from anywhere else in the world.

Antarctica is a special holiday. A scenic display of endless pristine wilderness, the most awe-inspiring, untouched and remote environment on earth.

When you travel to Antarctica you get a double holiday as the journey is as good as the destination.

Due to its location and environment you only have two choices.  Chartered Flying – or Cruise Ship.

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Antarctica cruises are uniquely scenic and varied.  Imagine relaxing in a hot tub while watching chunks of ice break from ice shelves to create new icebergs. Watch from your private balcony as rare birds hunt in the waters.  With Rejuvenating wellness spas, infinity pools, cigar and cognac rooms, you can enjoy travelling in luxury while being amid a uniquely scenic location.

Antarctica Adventure Mountaineering
Antarctica adventure Pleneau Island
Antarctica Adventure Paradise Bay

Antarctica cruises offer lots of added bonuses to help you really immerse in the unique continent.

With daily spotting of Penguins, Whales, Seals among rare birdlife, Antarctic Cruises are nothing like your ‘typical cruise’.  One day you may cruise amid the sea ice, spotting seals and albatross colonies while listening  to the crackling sounds of glaciers. The next day you may kayak around whales or do a spot of ice diving.

Each day will be excitingly different. You can choose to enjoy the ships facilities, immersing in their ever changing views, or you may wish to go ashore and touch Antarctica with your hands!  Both above and below the water you’ll be awed by everything from penguins taking their first swim to whale and seals darting around you.

Whales love to play in Antarctica, often showing off their breeching skills.  Kayaking among these gentle giants of the ocean is a heart-warming thrill you will never forget.  Very friendly Penguins await you onshore.  Penguins are just as interested in humans as we are of them.  Wildlife here see humans as a curiosity which they will come inspect, Imagine the joy of an inquisitive penguin jumping onto your boots!

You will explore Antarctica by specialised boats called Zodiacs.  Zodiacs cruise amongst a huge array of wind- and sea-sculpted ice giving you different perspectives of the ever-changing amazing scenery.  Zodiacs also allow you to land on land that is remote, and otherwise inaccessible.

You will also have the privilege of listening to immersive informative talks and lectures about various aspects of Antarctica by a team of experts.  In-depth lectures provide context and help you understand the destinations you will experience.  These knowledgeable experts will also be available to talk to and accompany you to specialised  locations, allowing you a fully immersive experience.  You can also choose to contribute to valuable research with exclusive activities that let you learn as you explore this unique world.  Imagine standing where explorers such as Shackleton once stood.  Visiting historic huts, gaining knowledge of a working research station will help you appreciate those who first mapped this unbelievable feat.

Antarctica is known as the land of sea and ice.   Where else can you travel to see Icebergs hundreds of metres tall.  Imagine diving under these scenic wonders.  The most unique diving you’ll ever experience.

Antarctica Adventure Zodiac
Antarctica Blue Iceberg
Antarctica Baby Seal

Antarctica, the 7th continent is the ultimate trip of a lifetime – it is an experience that is impossible to put into words.  An abundance of wildlife is just one of the reasons to travel to this scenic place. During your travels you are sure to see thousands of penguins on beaches, seals swimming up a onto ice-floes & maybe a family of humpback whales breaching. Travel to Antarctica starts in October and ends in March. 

Generally, Argentina in South America is the starting point for cruises to Antarctica, giving you an option to extend your cruise with further travel around South America. As there are many routes available to you with different schedules and ports to visit, listed below are a few ideas to help guide you.

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When to go for specific sights?

October – mid December  Penguins start to collect pebbles to build their nests.  You will see Antarctica in its most pristine. If you picture Antarctica in its shimmering white glory, glistening icebergs, white snowy mountain peaks etc; this is when you want to go.

Late December – January  With longer daylight hours and slightly warmer temperatures you will see new born Seal pups and penguin chicks.

Both January and February  Considered the “peak” months, Penguins are very active on land and in the water, more whales start to appear.

March  Whale sightings are at their peak and March is very popular with photographers wanting to capture  their perfect sunset.

Antarctica Penguins

Antarctica is quite large and there are different itineraries to choose from with a range of possibilities. As a generalisation, there are 4 main itineraries which cover the main interests.

Classic Antarctic 

The typical outline of this itinerary includes 2 days crossing the Drake Passage, with usually 4 / 5 days in the Antarctic peninsula, then 2 days returning across the Drake.   

Your voyage will be around 11 / 12 days total and may include a pre-stay in Ushuaia or Buenos Aires. If you choose a hotel stay in Buenos Aires with overnight flights, you are looking at around 14 nights / 15 days total.  

Antarctica Classic Itinerary Map
Antarctica Fly Itinerary Map

Antarctica Fly-Cruise (Antarctica Express)

If your short on time, or if  your nervous about sailing the Drake Passage – you can fly from Punta Arenas, Chile to King George Island in the South Shetland Islands where you can join your ship.  (There are different locations you can choose to fly from)

These Itineraries are typically 7 – 10 days.

Keep in mind weather can influence the flight departures to Antarctica, so sailing is more guaranteed. The drake passage is known for its unpredictable weather but having albatross swoop past you is a fantastic experience as you keep a watch for whales!

Crossing the Circle

This Antarctica itinerary is like the ‘classic’ itinerary but with an extended duration of 7 days, compared to 4/5).  These voyages aim to travel deeper South, with the aim of crossing the Antarctic Circle.  

These Voyages usually take place in Jan / February time, when the sea ice conditions allow ships to travel further south.  This itinerary is usually around 14 days onboard, plus pre & post hotel packages / overnight flights. 

Antarctica South Georgia Itinerary Map

South Georgia / the Falklands

The ultimate voyage in Antarctica – South Georgia is the mecca for marine wildlife in the Southern Ocean.  You will witness hundreds of thousands of kind and curious penguins, see vast colonies of elephant seals, 250,000 albatrosses, millions of fur seals and many more species. 

These voyages tend to be around 20 – 23 days in length. The itineraries typically include 2 days in the Falklands, 4 days in South Georgia and 4 – 6 days in the Antarctic Peninsula.  All Antarctica itineraries to South Georgia, are  hugely popular, and get booked up well in advance.

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