Japan Holiday Locations

Japan Holiday Locations

Japan is incredible!

A true cultural paradise, you will enjoy a myriad of experiences from ancient traditions to modern technological ideas.

Japan is the perfect travel destination.

Japan always puts on a show with all their technological advances, but also their sense of tradition and fabulous unique culture.

Most people who have never been to Japan think Japan is all about tea ceremonies and temples. There is soo much to this country just waiting for you to experience.

Although the elder Japanese can be more reserved, Japanese of all ages are eager to meet new people and will welcome you with open arms.  It is not uncommon to hear of a stranger coming over and just carrying a women’s suitcase for her up the stairs without a second thought.

Ride the bus and the locals will try to strike up a conversation, they will be wanting to learn all about your country and yourself.  You will make friends easily with the locals, they are incredibly welcoming.

A very vibrant city, you will see the traditional merge with the cosmopolitan here. With hidden laneways and temples giving way to huge department stores, robot restaurants and karaoke bars.

The fish market in Tokyo, is a major attraction – and once you witness it, you’ll see why.  The freshest seafood on offer, and every kind available to you. Even if you’re not a seafood fan it is worth seeing just for the atmosphere.  

This is a place for everyone, locals coming for breakfast before work, chefs purchasing their restaurants rations, and shopkeepers handing out samples and happily explain their custom recipe dishes to visitors.  It is a unique adventure you must experience for yourself.

Mt Fuji is Japans most iconic mountain; Just a few hours out of Tokyo.

A calming spiritual symbol of Japan, Mt Fuji rises above the clouds with snow on its peak and cherry blossoms at its feet.

Japan’s highest peak, climbing Mt Fuji will be an adventure, which will take you on a magnificent scenic journey.

Japan Fuji

Hiroshima is a poignant city.

Known for being the site of the atomic blast during WW2, the memories and evidence of this event is still evident and very raw.  It is also an incredibly beautiful city which has come a long way to rebuilding itself. 

Making origami cranes is a lovely way to immerse in the culture while respecting the history and traditions of this very brave city.  A visit to the World Heritage listed Atomic Bomb Dome and accompanying Peace Memorial Museum is a sobering experience and highly recommended.

Hiroshima Castle and Shukkeien Gardens are also popular attractions – not just due to their fame of being featured in video games!

Japan has beautiful coral reefs and rich marine life, perfect for both snorkeling and diving.

The Japanese islands are bursting with warm waters which give way to a mysterious ‘Blue Cave in the Sea’, a body of water which is simply breathtaking.

Crystal-clear waters and warm temperatures are almost guaranteed providing the perfect conditions to explore diverse marine life and unique underwater ruins from World War 2.  The waters surrounding Japan also attract surfing elites to the world class waves with magnificent swells that cause endless surfing potential

Japan Scuba

Kyoto is a fantastic destination.

Kyoto has many drawcards, a walk down any street corner will show you elaborate shrines, temples and gardens.  Imagine walking down the cobblestone streets through rows of historic houses and seeing a maiko (apprentice geisha)!!! This is one of the few places in Japan this traditional unique sight is still possible. 

Watching a maiko (apprentice geisha) or geisha perform in a teahouse is one of the most unique and exclusive experiences you will have in Japan.

Geishas have been strictly trained in Japanese traditional arts including song, dance and musical instruments.

Unique Scenic Travel can assist you with arrangements to witness this remarkable tradition.

Japan Geisha

Japanese bathing culture is an integral part of the Japanese lifestyle.

Japan has over 2,500 Onsen (natural hot-springs).

In Japan, bathing is as much for relaxation as it is for cleanliness. It is customary to first shower and clean yourself before relaxing in the Onsen.

You can immerse yourself in a special kind of outdoor Onsen, where you’ll enjoy the hot Onsen waters while being surrounded by scenic nature.

Japan Onsen

Japan always has a fresh take on the traditional.

In Kanagawa is a hot spring theme park where traditional Onsens are filled with real sake, green tea and coffee.  You can even take a ramen bath filled with artificial noodles!!

There is also the beach sand bath. For this Onsen, you lie down on the hot sandy beach and get buried up to your neck in sand!  The rising steam creates your own personal sauna!

Another unique Onsen is a muddy hot water bath.  Although the water is quite milky, you are expected to scoop up the mud from the bottom of the bath and rub it into your skin. Leave it to the Japanese for a fun twist to the traditional!

Japan Black Sand Bath

Japan has some pretty wild and wacky festivals

Festivals are what makes the Japanese culture rather entertaining and very unique.  You will be able to dine out on your memories for quite some time after witnessing, perhaps taking part, in some truly bizarre rituals.

Picture the big tough men of Sumo wrestling holding babies and competing who can make their baby cry first and loudest!

There are also the astoundingly gorgeous festivals such as the cherry blossom festival.  Truly gorgeous, the cherry blossoms only live for 2 weeks, usually in March, (season changes yearly).

Japan Crying Baby Sumo

There is much more to Japanese cuisine than simply sushi and sashimi.

Each region has developed its own local delicacies.  Food from different countries such as French, Italian and Chinese are expertly represented in Japan.  From Michelin-starred world-class dining to casual, cheerful establishments, Japan can cater to all tastes and preferences.

Japan has perfect powder snow for skiing and snowboard enthusiasts.

Affectionately known as Ja-POW!  Japan has hosted two winter Olympics and have maintained their wide range of accommodation, restaurants and nightlife to an incredible luxurious standard.

Japan has so much to offer for a unique holiday.  A travel destination with something for everyone, talk to Unique Scenic Travel about your perfect holiday requirements.

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