Australia is a travel destination on everyone’s to go list, read on to find out the best way to immerse yourself in this unique, scenic country.

Australia Kangaroo Mob

In Australia you can immerse in unique wildlife experiences such as feeding Kangaroos, meeting Koalas and getting selfies with a Quokka!

Australia is a huge country which doubles as an island continent, with many experiences and incredible opportunities awaiting you.  You can’t see the whole country in one go unless you have the right amount of time!!  This is a mistake many make when planning a trip to Australia.   You need to acknowledge the time you have to travel, and if you have limited time – what your priorities are in regard to what sights and experiences you wish to have.

Australia's wildlife is amazing!

Where else can you go on a Whale watching cruise in the morning, feed colourful Lorikeets (Parrots) at lunch before lazing around with a mob of Kangaroos in the evening!  Australia’s native wildlife is everywhere, from Wallabies joining your golf game, to Penguins parading just outside Melbourne city.

From land to ocean Australia has your unique encounters covered!

Take a train journey through the Dessert, explore great ocean drives, or frolic through lavender fields.  Australia’s landscapes are diverse as well as being a geological wonder.  Throughout the country you will find natural wonders such as Daintree Rainforest, Ayers Rock and the Seven Sisters.

Australia’s wonderful natural beaches are considered amongst the best in the world!

Australia is surrounded by beautiful beaches.  You can surf the waves or just chill in the crystal clear water and pristine white sand.  For those who love marine life the Great Barrier Reef is a water utopia. 

A UNESCO heritage spot, the Great Barrier Reef is a huge underwater world full of coral, colourful fish and so much more.  You can swim with Turtles, feed a Grouper or just lose yourself in this  underwater paradise with a myriad of diving opportunities.  The Reef is large and can be experienced via boat trips including liveaboards, day trips or give yourself a bit of luxury with a stay on a small secluded island! 

It’s not just Australia’s scenic natural beauty that are waiting for you to enjoy in this Island Home.  Australia’s cities are renown for their man-made landmarks. This allows you to climb monuments such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, explore historical towns of Australia’s convict past, mine for opals or marvel at world class art galleries.

Throughout your travels in Australia you’ll be able to meet the friendly locals, explore the wide open spaces and enjoy succulent food.  Australia’s food and wine offers tasty dreams for foodies, especially when you’re delighting in a good ole’ Aussie BBQ!  You can even pair your delicious culinary delight with wine from Australia’s famous scenic wine regions – perfect for sophisticated palates!

With so many attractions awaiting you, you may be unaware of where to start, not realise just how large this island continent is or the best places to go for special excursions from swimming with Whale Sharks to exploring the rainforest.  This is what Unique Scenic Travel does best, we organise your travels so you can enjoy your holiday down under.

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