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China is such a fantastic travel destination.

China Glass Bridge

Do you want to travel to China but do not know where to start, how to get around or are worried about language barriers?

China is such a unique country with so much to offer, from scenic sights to thrilling adventures.  You need someone to take care of logistics for you. That is where Unique Scenic Travel comes in.  We can advise you on where to find the best dim sum in the city to the ins and outs of visiting a yak farm.

China is so large it would take a lifetime to travel throughout this scenic country and enjoy all the unique experiences this country has to offer.

You can have any type of holiday in China. With wildlife, cultural diversity, exhilarating experiences, and incredible food there is something for everyone.  The unique history, culture and striking scenic landscapes of China cannot be underestimated.

Famous for many icons, China is a country with diverse attractions. Some of China’s manmade structures include the great wall, the largest Buddha in the world and exhilarating glass elevators giving you dazzling views of scenic landscapes. 

China’s Great Wall is fascinatingly unique.  Walk, run, and climb your way up and down this magnificent structure, going back thousands of years.  If you want to see the great wall without the tourist crowds, we can advise and organise that for you.  

Travel about both day and night to see how cities transform. Around every corner is new scenery and unique travel experiences, from thousand year old statues to activities on a lake.  The markets are something else, you can find anything and everything from baby ducks – to the latest technology. From Silk Street to street food, palaces to pearl markets, China has plenty of unique sightings to keep you busy.

China is fascinating, interesting, and as you travel around you will see numerous instances of legends that make up part of the culture.  Even the cities are built around their national heritage of palaces and monuments. As you explore the hustle bustle of the cities you are guaranteed to find examples of unique quirkiness.  

Amid the bustling, you will feel centuries of history all around you. The impressive and thought provoking imposing grandeurs such as the forbidden city, summer palace and Tiananmen Square, are all steeped in incredible history.  

Often cited as one of the world’s most significant archaeological discoveries, Xian’s remarkable life-sized Terracotta Warriors are incredible to behold. They are arranged in battle formation, powerful, evocative, and utterly unique as no two faces are alike.

Among the well-known are many other unique widely untraveled and less famous sites which are a must-do and must see for those wanting a unique scenic holiday.

You can travel around diverse China by high-speed train. Spend your days exploring along ancient city walls by strolling or cycling and take in the atmosphere by night as well as channel your inner artist in creative villages.

Within a few hours from major cities you can be in a small, rarely visited, village. There you will meet children who will eagerly run up to you, wanting to meet the ‘foreigners’, to shy but welcoming adults who invite you into their home and show a strong willingness to show off their country.  

Chinese festivals can be difficult to understand and comprehend but are still fascinating and will amaze you.  China has a rich, complex, and fascinating history, which goes hand in hand with their captivating culture.  From one day to the next you could be transported back 2000 years or beamed forward 5 decades into a possible future.

A massive country both in terms of size and activities is waiting for you.  You can see how the local villagers live, perhaps do a homestay with a local family!  You will be in awe as you walk down bustling streets, tasting delicious food from fresh seafood, to BBQ’s in farming provinces.  During your travels indulge in the many different types of noodles and specialty dumplings on offer.

In China you will have many unique scenic adventures where tradition and legend meet today’s modern China. Whether you want to see the unique sights of floating mountains, camp on the side of a cliff or explore the stairs to heaven, travel here will open your eyes, your tastebuds and welcome you to a land of – If you can imagine it, you can do it.

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