Major Events

Is your idea of a unique holiday travelling to see major events? Do you want to watch or participate in scenic festivals?

Enjoy the music, food and traditions of a country’s festival and immerse yourself in the spirit of their celebrations.

From major rodeo events to Carnival and everything in between, travel the globe while immersing in magical game day experiences with everything covered!

Have you ever dreamed of being centre court at Wimbledon or listening to the roar of NASCAR? Do you want to enjoy the trimmings of a hospitality suite overlooking your favourite football team, or down in the stands with your pitchers’ glove hoping to catch a foul ball at a baseball game?

Unique Scenic Travels Sporting packages have all the trimmings, guaranteed tickets, luxury accommodation, and transport covered.

Enjoy the freedom of the event without worrying about the logistics of traffic, parking and how to get home later, making your holiday even more special! 

Imagine the excitement of being at events such as Superbowl or Paris Open

Tick off your bucket list with amazing sporting travel experiences!

Watch your favourite player score that game winning point! Celebrate sporting triumphs at iconic stadiums, venues, and ballparks as you immerse in the atmosphere. Really feel the emotions and pulse as you get involved with the cheering of the crowd!

Have a look at our amazing Superbowl packages specific for families travelling together here!

It is not just sporting events that gathers excitement. Major events vary from spectator sports to the thrill of being in the action and participating in the event.  What kind of experience do you want?

Do you want to dance in the streets or practice yoga by the turquoise Ganges? You can learn about new cultures while participating in their traditions!  

Rio de Janeiro can really put on a party with their Carnival! Whether you would prefer to watch these dance professionals strut their dance moves to putting on a costume and getting involved yourself. 

Worldwide Major events such as New Year’s Eve fireworks is an opportunity for you to ring in the new year at unique locations with front row seats.

Imagine toasting in the new year, on your perfectly positioned boat in Sydney harbour!  Countdown the fireworks with good Aussie food and drink under the most famous and scenic bridge in Australia.

There is something for everyone, Talk to Unique Scenic Travel about your perfect major event holiday.

Major Events

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