Marathon Tours

Whether you want a unique bragging right, you have a passion for running or you just want to travel to a scenic destination, marathons tours are a great way to travel the world

42kms or 26 miles covers a lot of country. You can see it, you can feel it, sometimes you can even taste it! You can run a marathon with the penguins and elephant seals in Antarctica the coldest and driest place on earth.

How many people can say they ran on the great wall of China? They did not just see the wall, they truly experienced it.

Run on an active volcano or get cooled by the sprays of the awe-inspiring world wonder of Victoria falls.  Do you like the idea of running on the same trails that zebras, antelope, and funny looking warthogs also like to run along? They may even keep you company on the trail!

Whether this is your first marathon, or you’ve done a few, running in a unique location amongst interesting scenery makes your races more memorable.  This is because you’re too busy taking photos of the majestic mountains, the wildlife surrounding you or the locals offering encouragement. You will run past local bands playing, and people offering you traditional food and drink on the sidelines.

With coastal marathons not only do you run parallel to the beach, but during whale season there have been numerous reports of whales swimming along with you, almost like they’re keeping you company!

While enjoying a marathon tour you will be treated to the friendliness of the locals. Some of which will run along with you, some you may even be tempted to compete against! As you cross that finish line, they will be there with welcoming arms, sometimes a cold beer and a medal that you have earned both physically and emotionally.

You can give back by running the Everest marathon in Nepal. It is one of the worlds hardest, most scenic, and very unique marathons. On this tour you will be spending the nights sharing stories in the common areas and marvelling at the sights with mountaineers who will be climbing the world’s tallest mountain!  Spend time with others on Everest base camp, with the knowledge that even attempting this true accomplishment, you will be helping to support the local Nepalese orphanage.  As part of Unique Scenic Travels commitment to giving back and sustainability you will be given a tour of the orphanage.  The founder Lila – a former orphan himself, will introduce you to the children who will be benefiting from your achievement.

Ask for more details on how your marathon package has a positive direct impact.

It is not just the unique achievement of completing a marathon that you travel for.  You also get the unique advantage of touring the country before & after.  

Along with the marathon experience, you will get customised tours made just for you or enjoy a group tour with like-minded people. 

Be shown around with luxury transport and localised experiences, ride a camel in Jordan, experience a safari in Africa or walk through the vineyards as chateaus open their doors and more importantly their wine cellars to you.

Run through the majesty of Jordan as you see where so many movies have been filmed. Feel like Luke Skywalker or Aladdin as you follow in their footsteps.  By achieving the Antarctica marathon you can reward yourself with a cruise before and after! 

Of course the party after the marathon is a great way to mingle with your new friends.  The locals will sing and put on a great show for you to dance the night away – if your legs can handle it! The organisers are always keen to hear your thoughts, the special sightings, see your photos and hear all about your favourite section!  Or just enjoy the fabulous food and drink with a well-earned medal around your neck!!

How many people can say they ran on an active volcano, had a pod of whales follow them from start to finish in Hawaii or truly experienced the Australian outback, with kangaroos watching their every move and even hopping along with them?

Whether you want to join the 100 club, the 7 marathons on 7 continents club or this is your first marathon, you will get a unique medal that you can brag about!  Marathons can be tough, but they are worth the incredible feeling of adventure, the unique scenic locations, the exciting experiences, and amazing tours that are made especially for you.

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