Great Wall of China Marathon

Great Wall Marathon is the most unique, scenic, awe-inspiring and difficult marathons there is!

Great Wall China Marathon

Not only will you earn bragging rights to last a lifetime, you will literally be running on history.

The great wall is over 2000 years old. The magnitude of the wall will take your breath away by its sheer size, its amazing cultural significance and the history it represents.

This is a marathon where it is recommended to enjoy your unique surroundings. As this is an experience, you should not be overly concerned of your finish time, carry a camera
with you and enjoy!

The Great Wall of China is truly great. Magnificent to look at, awe-inspiring to behold and a true accomplishment to brag about!

5,164 steps, both up and down, steep in some sections, steeper in others. The steps range in height from a few inches to almost knee-high. Some steps are made of brick, other places on the wall see no steps at all, but instead a ramp of rocks and concrete. This is one marathon where you will truly earn you medal.

This race may be considered to be one of the toughest, yet it is one of the most picturesque. Your whole tour will be a unique scenic adventure. There is a perfect mix of leisure for you to enjoy exploring as you please and organized activities. It is the best of both worlds.

The Great Wall Marathon inclusions will give you a fabulous taste of both Beijing and the Chinese culture.

  • Wander around the markets, taste the freshly prepared street food marvel at the city life.
  • Enjoy true Peking roast duck,
  • learn all about Chinese customs and the country’s history,
  • marvel at the ancient Ming tombs,
  • and witness the excitement of the markets.

The hustle and bustle of Beijing will get into your heart and open your senses. Chinese porcelain is admired around the world, you get to see the secrets of how its made and decorated in the Cloisonné tour.

Inspection day is a great way for runners and spectators alike to enjoy sections of the great wall, to comprehend the task ahead of you, to appreciate a world wonder and of course take amazing pictures of you having a fabulous time!

A section of the marathon is run through the villages, whose ancestors helped build the wall all those generations ago. You will have children – many of whom have never seen anyone outside of their own culture – be memorised by ‘the foreigners’.

They will run with you, beside you, follow you as your own personal cheer squad. They will delight in having their picture taken and many young girls have been known to make flower wreaths for the lady runners to put on their heads. Although they get a good laugh out of the men wanting to wear them too!

The celebration dinner is a party within itself, you will have traditional Chinese dancers entertaining you, a mouth- watering buffet, and many more surprises rounding of your fabulous trip. It is a party that lasts well into the night.

We expect demand to be high and recommend you book early to guarantee availability of your desired package.

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