France Marathon Du Medoc

Known as the most fun, most alcoholic, biggest party of the year; this is a free-flowing wine weekend with a little running thrown in.

With the chateaux and vineyards opening their doors and their cellars, you’ll never feel so welcome (or so jolly)!

Medoc Wine Selfie

How many marathons reward you with a bottle of wine along with your medal as you cross the finish line?!

The finish line party is an affair in its own right with fireworks, free flowing wine and beer and lots of food on offer. You’ll be surprised how much energy you can muster as this French wine county really turns on the celebrations.

There are so many uniquely scenic specific about this marathon. From children dressed as figures from French history cheering you on to all the locals offering their own gourmet treats in race you’ll always remember.

There is a new theme every year which over 90% of participants relish in dressing to.

2020 theme: Movies!!!

The days leading up to the race is full of wine filled adventures!

The afternoon/evening before the run, a party held at one of the chateaus brings the runners together in a unique fun filled adventure with non-stop free flowing wine and several different styles of pasta. Rounding the night off with fireworks your guaranteed to make new friends.

Medoc Wine

The day after the run, is a 10km walk. Of course this is no ordinary walk.

Taking place in the vineyards, you’ll start in a chateau as you visit part of the route you swaggered through yesterday, only this time you can take time to linger at the scenery admire the vines and naturally, taste more wine.

You are given your wine tasting necklace which the wine growers will gladly fill up for you as they tell you why their wine is best. 

Be careful not to have too much at the first stop as in this 10km walk there are over 8 wine tastings!

Some of the chateaus, along with their cellars will also invite you to see how the wine gets made.

Then after all the wine tastings at the vineyards, you’ll be whisked away to another chateau for an amazing French lunch

With even more free flowing wine, including a barrel in the centre of the room you can help yourself to and continually fill up your wine bottle, then to top it all off, dancing!

A live band will showcase its talents giving you ample opportunity to showcase your moves on the dance floor. Or if you’re so inclined you can just continue to taste that good French wine!

Once you are ready to leave the party you will be transported back to your hotel room for a well-deserved rest.  This is a marathon full of goodies you will cherish for years to come.

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