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Middle East Unique Scenic Travel Holidays

The Middle East is a perfect travel destination for both Holidays and Stopovers!

Get away from overdone Dubai and see the real Middle East.

A perfect holiday place for everyone from adventure travellers to culture seekers and those just to get pampered and relax.

When you truly experience the real Middle East, you will find huge areas of pristine, untouched nature, with chances for you to engage with the rich heritage of the authentic Arab world.

The incredible locals will welcome you, wanting you to feel at home on your travels.  In fact, many times you will be welcomed into their home as part of their genuine warmth.  They want to learn about you just as much as you may want to really learn about their true way of life. 

You might picture yourself sandboarding, riding camels or adventuring in scenic gigantic sand dunes. But do you know about the unique experiences awaiting you in the water?

Home to incredible marine life, the Middle East boasts a thrilling kaleidoscope of colours alongside stunning white sandy beaches.  Embraced by palm trees, the unparalleled warm waters of the Indian Ocean offer you a truly relaxing holiday where you can kick back, relax, get pampered and rejuvenate in the heart of paradise.

For a truly refreshing experience; bath in both hot and cold mineral springs, swim under waterfalls in scenic oasis, or collect your own natural pearl on an oyster dive.  

From swimming among dolphins to diving archaeological sites, the Middle East is a nature lovers and diving enthusiasts haven.

Activities in the Middle East are is so varied you can enjoy a unique schedule.

Start with a traditional Arabic breakfast alongside your falcon and falconry instructor, experience the gold and spice souks (traditional marketplaces), enjoy lunch in a luxurious, iconic palace before you Kayak amongst flamingos.  Be entertained in the evening by traditional singers and dancers or just play a round of golf.

With so much to offer, you should explore the exclusive opportunities available to you in the Middle East.

Imagine visiting cities that are literally carved into the landscapes.

Petra, Jordan’s Capital is made of stone and is home to some of the world’s most precious cultural sites.  A go-to destination for several Hollywood blockbusters – Star Wars, Aladdin, Indiana Jones, The Martian etc, this tiny country is a thought-provoking ancient wonder.  

Undeniably, religion is synonymous with the Middle East.

This creates incredible sculptures and monuments designed and built with such beautiful artistic talent you’ll find yourself in deep admiration while delighting in their unique immersive experiences.

If you want to truly immerse in spirituality, Israel is the place to go.  Three major religions; Muslim, Christian and Judaism all regard Israel as a sacred place of worship.

The Middle East is full of natural wonders, incredibly welcoming hospitality, tremendous adventures, and gorgeous marine life.  Let Unique Scenic Travel immerse you in this region.

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