North Korea Marathon Running

The Pyongyang marathon will give you both a unique medal and incredible travel story!

North Korea treats all the runners in a big way. At the opening ceremony, you are led into the packed stadium by an official to the sounds of a cheering crowd, giving you a sense of what it is like to be a national hero!

It is an incredible boost to your morale before you run down the streets of North Korea’s capital.

North Korea’s Marathon often coincides with the birthday of President Kim Il Sung, which is undoubtedly North Korea’s largest celebration of the year. You can experience everything from  fireworks, mass dancing, possibly parades and several other events to mark the 109th anniversary of the President’s birthday.

During your marathon tour you’ll be visiting all the must-see sites in Pyongyang, such as riding the Pyongyang Metro, exploring Kim Il Sung Square, visiting the Korean War Museum, exploring the International Friendship Exhibition, hiking Mt. Myohyang with stunning views, picnic lunch up in the mountains, and of course, no trip to the DPRK is complete without a visit to the DMZ, where the country is separated from South Korea.

Running isn’t your thing? No problem! Join the locals in Kim Il Sung Stadium as the marathon takes off, observe the marathon from the streets of Pyongyang, or watch a football game inside the stadium during the race.

The Pyongyang Marathon committee also welcomes differently-abled runners. If you would like more information, please let us know more about your details so we can confirm everything ahead of the event.

North Korea Marathon Marathon Medal

Marathon running fees are listed below and not included in the tour cost.

Full Marathon (42km/26 miles) – 135 Euros

Half Marathon (20km/12 miles) –  90 Euros

Mini Marathon (10km/6 miles) –  65 Euros

5KM Marathon (5km/3 miles) –  65 Euros

All running participants will receive a race timing chip, Pyongyang marathon certificate titled to you, with the top three men and women in each distance excluding the 5km run receiving ceramic vases at the awards ceremony held in front of 70,000 people!

The maximum time limit for the full marathon is 4 hours (possibly 4 and a half hours but yet to be confirmed), half marathon is 2 and a half hours and both the mini marathon and 5km marathon is 2 hours.

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