Family Vacations

Every family is unique and deserves a unique scenic holiday.

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From swimming with seals to riding roller coasters, there are numerous ways a family can enjoy their vacation together.

Whether this is your first time travelling together as a family or you often travel together, every family has different needs.  

Would you prefer an intimate family vacation with tailored activities and flexible mealtimes or simply to relax in beautiful and tranquil unique scenery.

Does your family enjoy being active but want more unique holidays such as fishing in Bear country or riding bicycles amongst African wildlife?

Imagine learning how to catch a mudcrab using traditional Aboriginal hunting practices before enjoying a special Australian barbeque!

Unique Scenic Travel will make sure your family holiday is a superb holiday customed to your needs. there is plenty to keep the young (and young-at-heart) entertained.

We can provide ultimate all-inclusive perfect getaways for families seeking an indulgent and private break with your own staff complement and private guides, allowing your family to tailor your days according to what you want to do as well as having meal times suited to you. 

We can organise theme park adventures with exciting character experiences through to travelling via motor homes. Does your family want to experience new cultures, be part of a learning adventure by meeting families from other cultures?  Do you want to visit ancient Amazon tribes or help build a hut with the Maasai?

Families can even get close to nature with adventures on a working ranch, learning to live and work as the cowboys and cowgirls do on real farms. Geared towards families, you will love trying your hand at traditional outdoor activities and excursions, including archery, white water rafting, axe-throwing, hiking and an on-site climbing wall.  To complete the adventure you can even stay in a log cabin nestled between the trees!

Travelling together is a great way to get some quality family time while having an amazing holiday.

Do you want to go travelling with your family but need help making sure you cover all the facilities  you need for your particular family.  This is where Unique Scenic travel comes in handy, we understand that every family is unique, and every family member wants something different from the holiday.

Everyone wants to go home with a fantastic travel stories, warm feelings, and a sense of family.

Travelling with your family can be a unique experience.  As every family is unique the needs for your family will be different.  When organising a family holiday there are many scenarios you need to consider, to keep the whole family happy.

Sometimes quality time with family can be hard to find with our modern fast paced lifestyle. The goal of Unique Scenic Travel is to organise holidays that provide families with this much needed respite.

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When organising your holiday we make sure we keep the whole family entertained with age appropriate fun immersive activities offering the perfect mix for your family.

Family holidays can still give adults a chance to have a little alone or romantic time while their kids enjoy their own special adventure during the day, or once little guests are in bed, the relaxation of a fire pit and hot tubs can await the grown-ups!

Whether you want exclusivity or are travelling with other families we can provide additional elements of exclusive and private accommodations to homes away from home. Our accommodation suits all types of families.  Even if your wish is to stay in the same location but separate from each other, Unique Scenic Travel can organise this for you.


Even a tropical beach such as the Maldives can provide extraordinary days for the younger members of your family with a range of innovative and captivating projects.  While the adults enjoy the white sandy romantic beaches, the kids can enjoy workshops devoted to them with activities as varied as creative sand art, kite making, aroma workshops, scavenger hunts on nearby island and more!

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