Alaskan Whale

Holiday in the mysterious unique, wild and scenic Alaska

Alaska is a travel destination that offers incredible experiences.

From savouring in freshly caught Salmon alongside wild bears enjoying the same to hiking the tallest peak of North America - Mount Delaney. Watch Orcas play amongst massive glaciers and kayak under the northern lights.

There is so much for you to enjoy on your Alaska holiday.

While you’re in Alaska, keep an eye out for fantastic wildlife such as Grizzly Bears, Wolves, Bald Eagles and Orcas.

Alaska, sometimes called the last Frontier, is the biggest state in the USA and attached to the northwest of Canada.  It is also one of the most remote places in the world.  The sheer vastness of Alaska’s wilderness means Alaska’s towns, and even its capital city Juneau, aren’t accessible by road, so a cruise is an excellent way to experience Alaska. 

Alaskan Cruises are full of amazing variety, you can partake on shipboard activities while bald eagles soar overhead.  Have a workout at the ships gym as you watch brown bears lumbering on the shoreline.  Enjoy incredible meals while spotting humpback whales.   Relax in a hot tub while listening to the thunder of calving ice as your face-to-face with a glacier.

There’s nothing like taking a scenic walk on deck when a pod of Orcas decides to race your ship!

Alaska Glacier Ship

Sailing through Alaska’s Inside Passage and Glacier Bay allows opportunities to spot wildlife, and the incredible beauty of calving glaciers.

Hubbard Glacier is best seen by cruise, as passengers are often treated to expert narratives by park rangers as they glide along the breathtaking sight.

Alaska’s Inside Passage is especially spectacular.

Being able to sit back and relax on the deck of your private balcony as the raw beauty of the wilderness slide by is one of the most appealing aspects of Alaska cruising. 

Alaska is the place to truly immerse yourself in breath-taking scenery, wildlife encounters and gold rush history

Your cruise ship will stop in many different areas of Alaska, known as ports. In these ports there are several activities you can partake in.  Just by wandering around town you will meet Alaska’s friendly wildlife, such as the large Deer population.  

Huskies are known in Alaska for their love of Dog Sledding.

Imagine yourself taking the reins as you guide these dogs through a forest or maybe you prefer to take a helicopter ride to the snowy peaks before mushing down the mountain side.  It’s amazing how much fun these dogs can have and how eager they are to show off what they can do.  It’s considered by many a must do Activity!

Alaska Bear Salmon Catch

Another Favourite and highly recommended is riding in a seaplane – sitting up with the pilot if you wish- to the favourite fishing spots of Bears!  

Here you can learn how to track Eagles, visit a Salmon fishery and most exciting of all – spot Wild Bears going on a Salmon hunt!  

Watching the bears clamber out of the woods, searching the creeks for their favourite food is exhilarating. Watching the methods these Bears use to fish and then inspect their meal is exciting.  Surprisingly it is just as exciting to witness them devour their freshly caught salmon, especially with other bears around!

If fishing is an experience you enjoy, then you’ll love the fantastic opportunities Alaska provides. 

Salmon and enormous king crabs are equally abundant.  Alaskan waters are perfect for participate in ‘hauling in’ a crab pots or a spot of fishing.  You will love the taste of your freshly caught succulent dinner. 

Immerse yourself in a gold rush by trying your luck at a gold field. What will you find as you pan for gold?  Alaska is covered in gold fields – much of which is still mined today! You can keep all the gold you find, a nugget or two would make a great souvenir!

Traveling in Alaska is like traveling in no other place on earth. Whale sightings are guaranteed sights as is the sheer beauty of your surroundings. Talk to Unique Scenic Travel about organising your holiday.

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