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This unique country is truly a scenic adventure destination where you can go kayaking one day and visit with mountain gorillas the next!

Rwanda is the place to travel for easier Mountain Gorilla trekking. If your fitness levels aren’t where you want them to be or you just want an easier option, Rwanda is your answer.

While you are in this scenic realm of adventure, enjoy some incredible opportunities.

Since Rwanda’s eco system dates back to the ice age, you can walk through some of the oldest forests on the planet.  The biodiversity here will inspire you with a sense of awe and wonder as you spend quality time just immersing in being as one with nature. 

A highlight is the canopy walkway. Picture yourself walking 50 metres above the ground, across East Africa’s only treetop canopy, as  310 different species of birds’ chirp and fly around you showing off their home among these ancient trees.

The 200 meters long walk of incredible views is just the beginning of this incredible canopy adventure! The canopy leads into Nyungwe National Park, home to chimpanzees, colobus and a dozen other primates which call this eco-system home.

Imagine red velvet monkeys, mountain monkeys, blue monkeys, grey monkeys and many others all living together in the same park, and you get to get up close and personal with them.

An incredibly special, unique place, you will be stunned by this experience. An eye-opening  adventure, these monkeys’ ‘nest’ in the trees at night before eating, playing, grooming and moving on to their next nights nesting location. 

How many different species of primates will you see at once in the same place? You will feel privileged as they swing on the trees and run on the ground around you.

There are so many unique adventures like this and scenic sights to be had every day In Rwanda.

Rwanda is home to the big 5 and even offers a unique lion tracking safari.

Perfect for both first time safari enthusiasts, those wanting an adventure out of the ordinary and of course the surreal experience of gorilla trekking.

Rwanda Silverback

Rwanda’s Mountain Gorillas are just one of the inspiring special reasons to visit the realm of adventure that is Rwanda.  The experience of seeing one of Rwanda’s mountain gorilla families is uniquely different from Uganda.  Although the two countries (as well as the Democratic Congo) share Virunga region, where many Gorilla families are located, Rwanda has a more forgiving land.  The trek can still be arduous, but the ground is more forgiving and less steep.

Rwanda’s landscape is a haven for all types of adventure sports.

Local communities rely on their fisherman and in turn work hard to keep their waterways pristine.  This is especially evident in Lake Kivu, an enormous lake, 180km in size, full of uninhabited islands and communities. 

Rwanda’s culture is ingrained with tradition.  A great example of their culture is how the fisherman  sing to keep time and offer encouragement to each other, as they start catching fish at sunset.

A visit to Lake Kivu offers a great opportunity to swim amongst colourful fish, go kayaking and enjoy other fun water sports in Africa’s largest lake with no crocodiles or hippos.

Rwanda’s waterways are vast and offer differing adventures. As does Rwanda’s land adventures!

Rwanda was made for mountain trail biking. Crisscross the landscape, go further and faster, as you explore the countryside.

A mountain biker’s paradise, you can enjoy perfect freewheeling dirt road trails as you explore the countryside.  Along the way see brick factories, communities, and different crop growers, with guides that will create an inspirational and fun learning experience as you explore the land, getting to know it intimately. E-bikes are available as well if you prefer!

As you explore Rwanda’s countryside, you can mingle with the local communities, get a true insight from the local farmers of their everyday life and culture,  and best of all, see the process of start to finish of some of the world’s best coffee!!

Learn how artisans make some of the best coffee in the world, as Rwanda’s earth is perfect for coffee beans. See the entire process from cherries being picked to being roasted right in front of you sorted washed and then being ground and brewed.  Enjoy a delicious cup as you watch traditional dancing – a big part of Rwandan culture. 

Rwanda’s iconic Virunga volcanoes are full of mystery and mystique.  Reach their crater lakes via breathtaking scenic hikes.

You can do it all in Rwanda, with unique opportunities to camp or glamp on uninhabited islands or enjoy some sublime luxury with incredible hotels and boutique accommodations throughout the country.

In Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, you will walk around a bustling city.  Experience bargaining at the markets, visit the historic museums, enjoy the creativity at local art galleries and enjoy a hearty meal at a local café.

Rwandan history can be explored at dedicated sites, worth visiting for poignant reasons.

Come to Rwanda for nature, wildlife, the adventure, and the landscape, but it is the people which will make this country special for you. 

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For every holiday to Rwanda, we will donate $100.USD from every booking to the following charity;

Care for Rangers – With the goal of protecting wildlife from poachers and other illegal activity, Care for Rangers provides rangers with necessary training and key equipment to counter heavily equipped poachers. Care for Rangers also provides field vehicles for the deployment and rescue of wildlife, taken to speciality health centres for the diagnosis and treatment of injured wildlife. They also take care of injured rangers and support the  families of those who get killed on the frontline while securing the wildlife, such as Mountain Gorillas.

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