Botswana Holiday Destination

Botswana is a magnificent, hidden gem.

Teeming with Elephants, the country is a magnificent uniquely diverse country, where your experience will be based on sustainability, cultural interactions and pristine wildlife.

Wildlife will sing you to sleep with their chatter in the distance only for you to wake you up to them having a party right outside your door.  Swim in the pool as they come up and say hello.  Warthogs will often join you for breakfast. 

For Elephant lovers, Botswana should be the top of your bucket list.  Botswana is home to almost half the world’s Savannah Elephant population, over 450 species of birds, as well endangered species such as Black and White Rhino, African Wild Dog, Cheetah and Lion.

The Chobe National Park has over 60,000 elephants!

Botswana Elephants Kissing

As all wildlife revolve around water, one of the best ways to immerse in the incredible wildlife is via a luxurious houseboat. 

You will be surrounded by herds of Elephants day and night as they swim across the river, while you relax on your private balcony – you’ll be tempted to reach out and touch them. 

Elephants love to make a party out of water visits.  Whether they are bathing or drinking, watch in awe as they socialise.  The young males will play fight, the babies run around getting attention from all, while the matriarch keeps an eye over their family.  It is incredible.

Imagine being on the water as wildlife comes down to drink, being eye-level with the birds as they fish for their lunch, looking up to see a Giraffe.

You get this opportunity on the Okavango Delta, one of the natural wonders of the world as the Delta is uniquely the only place in the world where a river flows inland.

The Delta offers a unique safari experience via a ‘mokoro’, a traditional dugout canoe.

A must do Experience, the mokoro is a private (maximum two people) experience allowing you to be comfortably only inches from the water. Wildlife take no notice of the Mokoro allowing an intimate and unforgettable game viewing experience.

Botswana Mokoro

Botswana has incredibly scenic salt pans. These huge salt pans were once a very large Lake that dried-up that 10000 years ago, creating an incredible moonscape scene.   At night, there is no light pollution, allowing you to admire all the stars from horizon to horizon.

The central Kalahari game reserve is home to predators such as black-mained lions, cheetahs and Wild dogs.  As the wildlife here is mainly plains antelope,  easy hunting and their delicious rewards are often enjoyed by predators.

For those with an interest in culture, Botswana has a lot to offer with unique immersive activities.  

Botswana Native Tribesman

Be enthralled by Botswana’s ancient cultural history, from ancient rock paintings in the Cedillo hills to experiencing traditional walks with the ancient bushmen people. 

By spending time with the nomadic tribespeople, you’ll learn how they survived off the land, using their skills to find food and water, and how they turn their countries natural resources into medicine.

Botswana is a magnificent country which you can transverse via road, water and small planes.

As well as traditional Game Drives you can also enjoy Horseback Safaris, quad biking, Mokoro and Hot air ballooning along with the exclusive ‘Walking with Elephants’.

Botswana’s love of land preservation and protection of wildlife makes Botswana an exclusive destination, enjoyed by those looking for luxury, unique wildlife and environmentally friendly tourism.

Many times your safari starts before your plane even lands.  A welcoming committee of wildlife is guaranteed, Hyenas and Giraffes love to spend time on the runways which are located  in the middle of the park.

Botswana has a special feel to it, a safe place to immerse yourself in the culture, the sights and the luxury. 

The lodges in Botswana are all 5 star luxury, each with a unique aspect.  You’ll enjoy the incredible facilities of your accommodation which will have maximum of only 24 people. Surrounded by exquisite scenery, as each lodge is located on its own wildlife concession, when you are on safari, you’re not going to see anybody else, no other vehicles or people, giving you incredible 360^ photographs!

Botswana is one of the most exclusive tourism destinations in Africa. with some of the best safari experiences in the world. Botswana’s lodges are all inclusive and extremely luxurious, constantly winning prestigious international travel awards for the finest and most select lodges on the continent.

Botswana Safari

The ambience in Botswana is always so beautiful, you’ll love just being there, having lovely serene days watching the wildlife living life in their natural habitat.

Considering Botswana’s luxury and exclusivity, Botswana is an excellent value destination.

Have a look below at some sample Botswana Holidays.

Horse Riding Safari Sundowners

Horse Riding Safari

A horseback safari is different because you really connect with the environment. You become part of the environment as you interact with Africa’s animals.

It really is a special experience, there is nothing that compares to being out there in the bush.

Botswana Photo Safari

Photography Safari

Botswana has a myriad of fantastic photography options. Suitable for both beginners and more advanced, these photo safaris will take you to the best places and allow you to update your skills while staying in luxury

Have a look at a few sample photo safaris below

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