Morocco Holiday Destination

You come to Morocco for the unique experiences, a small country with a big heart, it is easy to have unique scenic experiences that are so vastly different.

Morocco Camel Trek

Quick and easy to travel around, you can be at the beach surfing one day, riding camels in the desert the next.

Luxury, adventure, and peaceful moments all can be achieved in one trip.  A stimulating combination of unique scenic adventures easily achievable in this small country with a big heart. 

Although Morocco has a unique heritage, of which it is proud, this county also has a modernity about it.  From luxury hotels with their own golf courses to luxury tented camps in the dessert, there is much to be explored in unique scenic Morocco.

Golf lovers travel here for good reason! There are over 30 golf courses in Morocco, with another 10 under construction (at time of writing). Many professionals happily play here as do those who want to learn the game.  Regardless of your playing ability, you will love the courses.

North African in its atmosphere and motifs, but Morocco’s ambiance still has a French twist.  Their French history is incorporated in their language, French and Arabic are both widely spoken by locals, as is Spanish in some places.

An incredible amount of opportunities are waiting for you. Travelling within Morocco is comfortable and can be done in a myriad of ways. You can trek across the Sahara Desert via a traditional camel trek, (which is an incredible experience), domestic flights or simply drive on modern highways.

Reasons to travel Morocco are vast and varied. Make time to travel throughout and enjoy everything this country has to offer, not just the incredible cities.

Casablanca, Fes, and Marrakech are all intriguing places, each with their own identity and unique experiences.  Even the Souks are different in these cities. In these markets, known as souks, you can smell the incredible aromas like a welcoming perfume filling the air.  Snake charmers, animal skins, spices, lamps, and uniquely Moroccan souvenirs along with the assortment of colours fill these souks. It can get busy, but always you will feel safe, while loving the unique and exotic displays many which you will do a double-take on.   

The different kinds of oil – olive trees are everywhere – it seems as though every hotel has their own brand of olive oil made fresh from their gardens!  Many people come to Morocco just to collect the oil and spices as special souvenirs.

One thing Morocco is always going to be famous for is its love of, and for, food.  You will be inspired by the freshness, the amount, and the love you will taste in every bite.  Moroccans love to serve food, and they know how to fix a feast!!  In Morocco, food is not just a nourishment, it is something to be experienced and enjoyed.  You can enjoy farm to table, delicious fresh food from chefs with innovative ideas.  Of course you can just enjoy a quick street food if you wish, but even the street food has a delicious, unique Moroccan taste.  A picnic isn’t just a picnic.  Scenic views may be what you come for, but the food will soon be the highlight. 

Morocco Tea

Luxury is something Morocco excels in.

You can have incredibly unique adventures during the day and retire to spacious suites with private balconies and pools in the evenings. Luxury and tradition can go hand in hand here.  You can travel Morocco as an adventure, experiencing all the cultural and traditional heritage this country has to offer, while being submerged in luxury. One experience not to be missed is the incredible tents in the dessert.

Moroccan scenery is so vastly different; from the Atlas mountain ranges, the Sahara Desert, as well as a myriad of breathtaking beaches, and everything in between.  

Morocco is so varied with experiences; you can explore this country in several different options. With an assortment of sights to behold and experience. Travel to Morocco for your unique, scenic holiday.

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