All-Inclusive Family Safari

All-inclusive safari's are perfect for family holidays.

With exclusive family accommodation, incredible wildlife experiences, and unique activities suited for everyone.

Traveling to Africa as a family will forge memories to last a lifetime.  We understand how important family is and the difficulties faced when there are different interests to attend to and how young kids tend to bore easily.

Therefore we’ve spent years researching fantastic itineraries and safaris that will keep the whole family entertained from dusk to dawn, including unique thrills, that will enhance your family’s holiday!

For all types of families with children of all ages from young kids to teens, we’ve done all the research to ensure family-friendly accommodation that are still luxurious and unique which will excite and entertain the whole family as much as the activities on offer.

Whether you are learning to sculpt termite clay with Maasai Mara warriors or track wildlife on quad bikes.  We can organise a romantic hot air balloon safari for you as you children follow on the ground below on a specially designed private game drive that they will love!

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