Zimbabwe Highlights

Zimbabwe is full of wonder with many unique highlights to immerse yourself in.

This itinerary gives you a taste of the finest geographical features of this incredible country.

Zimbabwe Victoria Falls

Starting with the world famous Victoria Falls, an astounding natural beauty of thundering water and misty rainbows. 

Known as the largest sheet of falling water in the World, Victoria Falls will leave you breathless as you process the sheer magnitude of this water wilderness.

This magnificent world heritage sight gives way to the spectacular beauty of the Zambezi River. 

Your luxury accommodation is situated along the Zambezi river bank, allowing you to admire a variety of wildlife, including hippos, crocodiles, elephants, and several colourful bird species, from immense comfort. 

You will see, hear and taste the best Victoria Falls has to offer in this inclusive itinerary.

Your delicious local cuisine will be complemented by incredible performances by traditional singers, dancers and drummers and more, during a special dinner evening showcasing a taste of Zimbabwe.

A breathtaking sunset cruise will give you a superb immersion of  Zambezi River’s spectacular beauty and its huge variety of wildlife.

You will relish the great opportunities for extraordinary pictures against the African sunset.

The wildlife doesn’t stop there, continuing to the wildlife rich Matobo Hills you get to experience incredible safaris while staying in a room naturally carved into the side of mountains. 

The granite domes and castle kopjes of the Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe, are among the world’s most majestic rock scenery. Your room will be designed around the naturally occurring boulders and rock formations.  Your unique accommodation adds another dimension to your safari in this incredible country.

Zimbabwe Rock Bath

This is luxury at its most unique.  Incredibly eco- friendly, with every part of your all-inclusive accommodation showing the utmost respect to the land.  You will quickly understand why everything is so tranquility here.   

This is also where you will find Zimbabwe’s largest Rhino population. Imagine taking daily walks near these incredible creatures as part of your stay!

Have a look at the Itinerary which can also be custom made to suit your requirements.

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