Zambia is the perfect destination for a truly unique and luxurious safari.

A treasure trove of wildlife, Zambia is home to some of the best game parks in Africa. Perfect for both first time visitors to Africa and those who have done traditional safaris before.

The best thing about Zambia is that it’s considered ‘off the map’ which means you will have the park to yourself. Private safaris aren’t a dream here, they’re a guarantee!

Home of the walking safari – which other African countries are trying to adopt, Zambia is the premier destination to experience this unique safari adventure.  

You will get-up close and personal with the wildlife no matter how you choose to enjoy Zambia.  Whether your canoeing and kayaking amongst hippos, or fishing for tiger fish as the elephants swim around you, you’ll have plenty of unique experiences to brag about!

Lion Night Drive

Zambia is home to an incredibly high density of Hyena, a flourishing population of Lions and plenty of Leopards!  

Zambia is so rich with predators that they have an exclusive specialist safari’s dedicated to immersing you in ‘the Carnivores’.  

The Zambian Carnivore program gives you unique, exclusive access , while you learn from specialist rangers and trackers. 

Limited to only 6 people a year, read more details here;

The accommodation in Zambia is truly incredible.

Imagine swimming in your private pool or relaxing on your balcony as the wildlife come and say hello to you!

You will have Zebras, Antelope and even Giraffes strolling around you.  Go to sleep to the sound of lions roaring in the distance just to be awoken in the night by a family of elephants enjoying a midnight snack right outside your window.

Enjoy your morning refreshments as you smile at the imprints made around your tent.  Of course the monkeys will always let their whereabouts be known – always!  The people of Zambia are warm, friendly and proud of their heritage. This shows in their impeccable service, always having that welcoming family feel to it, which makes your stays just that extra special.  

Zambia’s luxurious accommodation is all-inclusive, with staff that go out of their way to create special unique surprises especially for you.

Lunches are often in surprise locations. Being welcomed to a surprise ‘lunch in the bush’ by enthusiastic staff is soo good, you can’t blame the wildlife for wanting to join you!

Many times lunch takes a few hours as your too busy laughing at the zebras or elephants trying their best to join your table that you forget to eat!  

This is also where the rangers are fantastic, not only do they protect you from curious wildlife, they do so with just the sound of their voice. It is a scene to be believed!

Zambia is very protective of its land.  This shows in the eco-friendly and environmentally friendly efforts that abound throughout the country.  From organically home grown food to accommodations banning plastic among many other initiatives, simply by safariing in Zambia, you are giving back to nature.  

One of the outcomes of Zambia's efforts is the reintroduction of Rhino!

A walking safari concentrating on the Rhinos is available near one of the seven natural wonders of the world – Victoria Falls.  A must see natural phenomenon – Zambia makes your visit to Victoria falls that extra bit exciting with a slew of several activities.  Imagine enjoying a birds-eye view of the sprays or even dangling off the side of the falls at the devil’s pool!

There really is something for everybody in Zambia!

A perfect destination for those who have both done safaris holidays before and for those who are new to experiencing Africa.

Zambia Activities

Because you are constantly surrounded by wildlife while in the lap of luxury you can truly relax and really enjoy yourself here.

Take each day at your pleasure, relax in your private plunge pool, have your butler organise a private dinner for you under the stars. 

Take a guided cycle to the village and meet the locals or just do a spot of tiger fishing.

Just sit back, relax, let nature come to you.

Zambia Relax With Zebras

Unique Scenic Travel is committed to responsible tourism.  We support eco-friendly accommodation, green efforts as well as community and conservation projects.  Ask us about our luxury safari packages that respect low footprint measures.

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