Amazon Canoe Native Tribe

The Amazon Canoe Native Tribe expedition is a true adventure like not other!

Amazon Jaguar

A unique opportunity to go deep inside the Amazon and meet an indigenous tribe by getting hands-on and really immersing yourself in their culture.

You will participate in their customs and daily ritual practices, help prepare their traditional cuisine while learning about their rich connection with Mother Nature and how they survive in the Amazon basin.

Learning to live like a member of an indigenous tribe is an unforgettable way to experience the untouched Ecuadorian Amazon!

The Amazon Canoe Native Tribe itinerary is the perfect Amazon rainforest trip for any nature lover.

It is an expedition tour designed for adventurous travelers that are keen on exploring the deepest corners of the Ecuadorian rainforest. You will have an authentic experience with one of the most ancient tribes of Ecuador who still preserve their culture and traditions to this day. 

This tour takes you right out of modern society and sends you into one of the most remote corners where the indigenous community lives. The tribe are native to a small part of Ecuador’s Amazonia. The community has a population of just 3000 individuals who speak a language not related to any other in the world.

Because they don’t live in the modern or western civilisation you can only reach the tribe by canoeing. While canoeing you will experience an amazing view of the wildlife in the Yasuni National Park, world famous for its tremendous biodiversity. 

You will see majestic colours of parrots, toucans, macaws, king fishers, herons flying across the river in incredible displays.

While canoeing down rivers and lagoons, you will feel as if the animals are following you, especially with the curious giant otters who will approach the canoe to have a look and play the oars if you let them. You’ll experience several different types of monkeys jumping through the forest, among many other native wildlife unique to the amazon. This is the perfect itinerary for adventurous wildlife lovers who want to truly experience an indigenous tribe in the amazon basin.

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