The unique and scenic Amazon is home to amazing exclusive biodiversity. Highly regarded as the “lungs of the earth”, this is your chance to truly immerse in this uniquely diverse nature and take advantage of incredible opportunities.

Leaving all technology behind, detox from your daily grind by being constantly surrounded by unique wildlife in a eco-designed lodge; whom has taken great regard to be sustainable and socially conscious.

Amazon Rainforest Peru Holiday Escape Sloth

The word breathtaking doesn’t begin to describe your stay in the midst of the amazon.

This especially designed eco-lodge allows the wildlife to prosper around you as you stay in the midst of their natural habitat. 

A World Wildlife partner for 8 years, your guides will assist you in having incredible birding and wildlife experiences while leaving no impact during your amazon adventure.

The lodge gives back to the community by employing and educating locals and always putting the preservation of the area first.  This means you’ll be giving back by just having a fabulous time.

All products used at the lodge support either the environment or socially conscious projects. They have a no plastic policy and all proceeds go back into the local Peruvian villages.

During your stay you’ll enjoy amazing gourmet Peruvian and international cuisine.

Made with local grown ingredients there is no sugar, low in salt and limited oil. The Incredible chefs are able to create meals for all dietary preferences.

Amazon Rainforest Peru Holiday Escape Accommodation

Organic, locally grown, fruit, tea and coffee are also available around the clock, during your all inclusive stay in the Amazon

Surrounded by incredible biodiversity, this unique holiday will stay in your heart forever.

Amazon Rainforest Peru Holiday Escape Pink Dolphin

Venture into the water and swim with grey and pink dolphins

The pink and grey dolphins which visit you in the lagoon, sometimes allowing you to scratch/pat them, the lodge staff will advise on how to respectfully swim and ‘play’ with these curious creatures.

As the Amazon is full of unique flora and fauna and surprisingly friendly wildlife, you are invited to enjoy their company, bask in their playfulness. This is not the place for ‘animal selfies’ or to handle the wildlife in any way.   

Birds and mammals love to feast on the natural minerals by the lodge. Imagine relaxing in your private hammock, as you watch colourful birds fishing in the river below.    

Experience living in the Amazon as the locals do.

Have fun camping in a remote area in the heart of the jungle. Learn how to fish and prepare your catch using traditional methods. Bask in the serene beauty of the sunset, as your guide explains the different types of plants and animals that are around you.

Discover the mysteries of the Amazon with an authentic and spontaneous experience in the community still living in traditional villages.

Amazon Community Kids

Discover the native people, their traditions and mysticism. It is an eye-opening and heart-warming experience. 

This excursion preserves the local habitat and respects the customs of the local native villagers.  There is no script or set village visits, everything is spontaneous allowing their native customs to continue as they have for hundreds of years.

As there is no light pollution in the amazon the stars are free to shine brightly.  This makes for perfect stargazing opportunities as you listen to the wildlife enjoying their night-time activities; which you can witness on several guided night excursions.

You will find a true connection here in the Amazon, your slice of secluded paradise!

Amazon Rainforest Peru Holiday Escape Land Animal

While in the Amazon you can take advantage of your time in the jungle via many means.

You may prefer to observe the immense variety of flora and fauna while relaxing on your private balcony or partake in an excursion full of adventure.

Would you like to get up close and personal with sloths in their natural habitat?

Amazon Rainforest Peru Holiday Escape Sea Animals

There are many inclusive specialized excursions available for you to experience.

Try to reel in Piranhas and other fish exclusive to the area with a spot of fishing. 

Have fun paddling in canoes or kayaks along the tributaries and lagoons near the lodge, while learning about medicinal plants and how they are used in the Amazon.

The largest aquatic plant in the world, the Victoria Regia is also located here!  During Dry Season* visit the white sandy beaches and private islands in the Amazon.

On Special Birding Excursions observe truly amazing colours and sounds, including the rare and prehistoric bird Shansho or Hoatzin.

Search for Crax globulosa (piurí), a bird that was believed to be extinct. Look at our Bird Watching itinerary if you particularly love birds!

Nocturnal animals going about their lives can be explored on special night excursions.

Be awoken by the chirping of birds, the call of the monkeys, the pink dolphins eager to play with you. Get ready to fill your days with unforgettable experiences. 

This is a unique opportunity to truly connect with nature, to being at one with the Amazon rainforest, with no television, radio or internet or man-made swimming pools. 

You are encouraged to listen to the sounds of the rainforest, to appreciate the wildlife, to feel the heartbeat of the Amazon.

Unique Scenic travel can tailor make a custom package particular to your needs.  Have a look at some sample itineraries designed to immerse yourself in the Amazon.  Contact us to find out more. 

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