Galapagos Islands Holiday Destination

Active Galapagos Blue Boobies

The Galapagos Islands is a scenic holiday destination famous for incredibly fearless and unique wildlife.

Travel to the Galapagos Islands for some of the most spectacular scenic and unique experiences in the world.

Isolated just off the coast of Ecuador, you can swim with playful sea lions, plod along with giant tortoises and ogle at the brightly coloured feet of the blue footed booby among much, much more!

Wildlife here is known for being incredibly fearless and tame, where up close personal encounters are the norm and seeing a huge array of wildlife in their natural habitat is guaranteed.  You can explore the living history of Darwin’s evolution as the volcanic and isolated Galapagos Islands are home to an excess of fascinating creatures found nowhere else on earth.  

You’ll love the unique face-to-face encounters the endemic wildlife gives you as you explore these islands. There is just so much to enjoy on these islands – both on land and in the water.

Since the islands are bathed by six major ocean currents  a vast array of marine life live here creating dive sites that are the best in the world.  This underwater world is teeming with life, where sea turtles and penguins glide through the water and curious sea lions swirl around. It is home to an abundance of tropical coloured fish, as well as the odd hammerhead shark and unusual looking sunfish.  

When you sail around the islands you can even stop for a swim with a friendly pod of dolphins.

Snorkelers have described being the centre of a massive circle consisting of three different schools of fish swimming around, inspecting them, the new presence in the water!

After enjoying the inquisitive marine life you can unwind on the stunning beaches along sunbathing marine iguanas or perhaps take a horse ride around the islands.

You will be spoiled for choice for what to do on land.  Ride your bike next to Galapagos Giant Tortoises in their natural habitat, (*you may be faster than them) as these ancient creatures roam free wallowing in the muddy pools and munching on the lush green vegetation.

You can eat at 5 star restaurants or be a bit more adventurous by picking out your lunch at the local Fish market!  Choose your seafood, which your local fisherman can prepare for you. This local experience is made more fun by the jostling of sea lions and pelicans trying to steal both the fisherman’s catch and the scraps from the filleted fish!!

Galapagos Unique Landscape

The Galapagos aren’t just about the astonishing diverse wildlife.

The islands themselves are fascinating!  You can walk through lava tunnels, explore glow worm caves, hike up volcanos and witness shooting stars in crystal clear skies perfect for star gazing.  The Galapagos are one of those places you must see for yourself, as words can rarely do the place justice.

These incredibly diverse islands can be experienced in several uniquely different ways. From embarking on a cruise, to staying in a specialised hotel or getting active and hopping from one island to the next; however you choose to experience the Galapagos, it will open your eyes to a pristine eco-system where every day is a surprise and the human foot print is kept to a minimum.  Talk to Unique Scenic Travel for the option that suit you best.   

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