Active in Galapagos

A fantastic way to immerse in the Galapagos while living each day to the fullest.

Get to know the extraordinary natural world that is the Galapagos. The entire place is a National park where wildlife is king.  During this epic trip you’ll be privileged to enjoy land, sea and underwater adventures.

Active Galapagos Blue Boobies

Accompanied by naturalist guides whose passion, energy and love are contagious, you’ll swim and snorkel along peculiar and interesting marine life.

Hike enormous active volcanoes, sun-bath in the company of playful sea turtles and sea lions.

This trip is for those who like to be active, love wildlife and unique experiences.

Jump out of bed each day excited to race marine iguanas in your kayak

Active Galapagos Diving Turtle

Cool off in the water as you swim with curious and very playful sea lions. 

Snorkel with tropical fish, rays, sea lions, and sharks, or just revel in the natural habitat of giant tortoises.

You’ll enjoy taking thrilling bike rides along scenic coastlines and discovering extraordinary lava formations.

This is the Galapagos that few will be fortunate enough to encounter.

Relax in the evenings at exceptional oceanfront Galapagos hotels, with incredible gourmet meals where exceptional service will delight and surprise. 

Eco-tourism is very important to both the Galapagos and Unique Scenic Travel.  This epic trip contributes to the local economy and ecology by using eco-friendly land-based hotels and activities designed to show off the area in away that positively gives back to the community and area.

This amazing itinerary is expertly crafted with flexible free time and activities that will delight in showing you the incredible unique islands of the Galapagos.

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