Imagine rescuing an injured animal, hand feeding a rhino or hand-rearing a baby leopard.

How many of your friends have helped build a school for locals before sharing a meal with the community in a local home?


Whether you choose to help make a bed for a penguin colony, collect data on sharks, put up poaching traps or teach underprivileged kids; 

Volunteering really allows you unique and meaningful travel experiences while you make good friends and create amazing memories.

Fun goes hand in hand with work when it comes to feeding rhinos, collecting data on penguins or building school houses.

Volunteering can really give you unique opportunities to experience what other travels rarely can.  

Volunteering your time to a community or project is a great way to see the world while giving back

Known as voluntourism there are so many ways of contributing and really interacting with like-minded people with whatever you are passionate about. 

Volunteering really allows you to interact and get hands on experience with truly unique travel immersions You could be part of a group or work as an individual.  

No matter what your interest there’s something for you to help with by volunteering your time. 

There are many options available to suit your unique travel arrangements.

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