North Korea Language Immersion

An incredible unique intensive language course and extensive North Korean experience.

North Korea Language Immersion Teacher

Along with experiencing the must-see sites of North Korea, you will also enjoy the privilege of being an exclusive group of foreigners to study at the Kim Hyong Jik University.

Perfect for all abilities from absolute beginner, intermediate or more advanced.  The University language classes will be split into ability classes. 

For those with zero language skills, you will finish the program with the ability to have basic conversations and be able to do basic translations along with skills in reading and writing. 

Your day will consist of morning Korean language classes with other university students, as well as other extracurricular activities that the university has to offer.

In the afternoons you will immerse in Pyongyang, being able to explore all the must-see sites from Kumsusan Palace of the Sun to the Victorious Fatherland War Museum and everything in between.

As a student at the university you will get to experience life as an expat, which gives you access to  sites and locations usually off-limits to regular tourists.  Go to local restaurants and bars with your fellow students.  Watch a movie at a local cinema, spend time with your new friends at their apartments and so much more.

When you are not in class you can take trips out of the city and explore the country in more detail.

This language immersion takes places in the middle of summer which gives you opportunities to visit the beaches of North Korea. Practice your new language skills as you enjoy beach-side BBQs, enjoying some of the best seafood the DPRK has to offer with freshly caught goods.

Swim with the locals, see where the Taedong River meets the sea and enjoy the facilities of  the kitsch Ryonggang Mineral Spa.

North Korea also has some spectacular hikes and mountain views. At the Masikryong Ranges, visit Mt. Myohyang where you will see the epic and surreal International Friendship Exhibition as well as the city of Pyongsong.

This immersion tour also gives you the incredible experience to visit Mt Paektu.  In a chartered plane you’ll reach a unique region, which by exploring you see the Secret Base Camp where according to legend Kim Jong Il was born, visit early revolutionary campsites and perhaps enjoy the option of staying overnight in the quiet, gorgeous town of Samjiyon.

This immersion language tour is perfect for both those who want to spend a short and longer time studying and exploring North Korea.

If you choose to do the longer tour, you’ll be able to choose to experience Victory Day. Take part in North Korea’s celebrations, watch the fireworks, as you dance and drink with locals in the park, perhaps joining in the Mass Dance!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is in partnership with North Koreas Pyongyang university. With classes for different language ability levels, you can be confident knowing that even if you’re just beginning your Korean language study, or want to be more fluent while immersing in an incredible unique experience then this is the perfect tour for you.

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