Canada Holiday Destination

Travel to Canada for an epic holiday.

Canada Calgary Stampede

Canada is the perfect travel destination for everyone looking for an incredible holiday.

With incredible unique experiences from getting close to polar bears to riding a luxury train through scenic landscapes. Canada is bursting with things to do.

It’s easy to see why Canadians are known as the friendliness people on earth when they have such an amazing country on offer.

A very eco-friendly and environmentally friendly country, Canada really takes care of its wilderness.

Canada is home to endless scenic landscapes with its miles and miles of coastline, biodiverse rainforests to its hulking mountains and glaciers. The care and effort Canada put into protecting its wilderness really benefits your holiday as get to marvel at pristine views, have your pick of activities and get up close and personal with the wildlife.

Many go to Canada just for the wildlife!

Would you like to see a bear’s misting breath in the morning air, or an Orca demonstrating its skills.  Have you ever photographed an eagle against a mountain peak?

With spectacular wildlife, Canada even has its own big 5 – Whale, wolf, eagle, bear and moose!   Unique Scenic Travel will take you closer to nature in true wilderness locations letting you enjoy close encounters with some incredible creatures in unspoilt wilderness. Canada is the perfect holiday destination for any animal enthusiast.

Bears are rampant in Canada.  This is fantastic!!!  Picture yourself watching scenes which are often shown on the discovery channel and wildlife programs in person!!

Canada’s coastal black bears are especially unique, with special crab searching behaviours which they display along shorelines.

Alaska Bear Caught Salmon

Imagine yourself enjoying a lobster bisque while watching a black bear enjoy their freshly caught crab.

Majestic grizzly bears are just as plentiful but slightly harder to spot unless you’re in the right area.  The Great Bear Rainforest is a spectacularly scenic wilderness region allowing you unique opportunities to watch grizzly bears feast on salmon.

Witnessing what is known as a ‘salmon run’ is a thrilling and unique activity.  Watching grizzly bears in their natural pristine environment is an electrifying experience.

Canada is one of the few places where polar bears can be safely observed in the wild. This is an incredibly scenic unique experience to remote Arctic Canada. 

Unique scenic travel will take you to the polar bears migration route, giving you a protected perch for close-up views of these curious bears. You’ll get close-up views in both special vehicles and in your eco lodges as the polar bears wonder past your window as you enjoy a hot drink.

Will you see a polar bear catch their favourite meal, as you canoe on seal river?

Canada Polar Bear Family

You will have wildlife experiences unique to beautiful natural environments in Canada.

As well as polar bears, you’ll witness personal behaviours of Arctic foxes and the beluga whale, famous for being an incredibly ghostly white colour. For an unforgettably unique experience you can kayaking with these intelligent and very curious sea mammals.

For an even more unique scenic travel method travel via dog sled as you feel the exhilaration of flying across the snow. Snuggle in for the ride or grab the reins, as your team of friendly energetic dogs delight in showing off what they can do!

Many amazing experiences await you in Canada.

If you love winter sports or just want to give something a go, Canada has you covered.  There’s good reason why Canada has often been chosen as the host of the winter Olympics.  With incredible landscapes that have created some of the world’s best skiing, you can also enjoy a good hike or gondola ride in the summer!

Canada has scenic beaches perfect for a bit of surf if you’re more a mountain ranges person then the Rockies await you!

Some of the most iconic scenery in the whole country are the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  The Rocky Mountains are perfect for those who love the outdoors offering plenty of hiking, kayaking and wildlife spotting.

Canada Rocky Mountains

To experience and appreciate these scenic unspoiled sights, rail is the best method of travel. Not only does it allow you to see a large part of Canada in a perfect amount of time, you can do it via a truly luxurious experience.

The Rocky Mountaineer is best.  The service travels only during daylight so you’ll make the most of the epic scenic views. Onboard, you’re wined and dined with champagne and silver service under glass domes to enhance your scenic experience. At night you’ll stay in luxury hotels allowing you to explore the area.

Canada is also home to the greatest show on earth – the Calgary stampede!

The Calgary Stampede is a legendary combination of rodeo shows, music acts, firework displays and food stalls! The Stampede is a celebration of Western heritage, where cowboy hats and a sense of fun are mandatory!

Living up to its name as The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth there’s no atmosphere like it. The whole city comes abuzz with Stampede fever! Thee rodeo is the main event with events like bull riding, saddle bronc and barrel racing.  Fun for the everyone can be had with several varieties of games and rides, agricultural exhibits and plenty of dining and music, topped off with free concerts and fireworks every evening.

Canada is a perfect destination for everyone. With scenic coastlines perfect for beach lovers and cruises with playful whales to the icefields with polar bears to the world’s best skiing, and everything in between.  

Your holiday in Canada will be full of incredible unique experiences, let Unique Scenic Travel help you create your perfect holiday.

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