Israel Holiday Destinations

Israel is a fantastic & fascinating country that has something for everybody!

Beautiful beaches, spectacular marine life, incredible historic and spiritual sites to cities with lively party ambiences.

You will find it all in Israel!

Play in the mud for the sake of your health!

Among the laughs, games and fun you will have while exploring the Dead Sea,  You’ll be getting healthier with every breath you take.

Israel Dead Sea Mud

Whether you do so for your health, or just to have a good laugh, floating on the Dead Sea is an experience like no other.

First, visitors cover themselves with the mineral-rich mud that lines the shores.  Most beaches have vats of this mud conveniently places by the shoreline, with some beaches even warming it up during the winter months!  This mud is great for your skin, as well as being therapeutic for skin conditions & arthritis.

Once covered in mud, you enter the extremely salty waters of the Dead Sea.  When your body reaches a certain buoyancy, you rise to the top and it feels as if you’re being cradled by an invisible force.   

After your float & soak, your skin will feel amazing – it’s nature’s own spa experience!

Israel Dead Sea

Not only is a visit to the Dead Sea great for your skin, the air in the region has its own benefits.

Due to being so far below sea level, there are extra layers of atmosphere that filter out the destructive aspects of sunlight, letting only the good rays through.  Most of the year you don’t need sunscreen, allowing you to get that vital hit of Vitamin D without the unhealthy side effects.  

The air also has more oxygen than at sea level, and the evaporating elements work on your central nervous system to help you relax.

This is one of the main reasons the Dead Sea resort of Ein Bokek is so popular for health/spa tourism.

Israel is home to spectacular marine attractions along with endless snorkelling opportunities and spectacular diving.

Israel Dolphin Reef 
Israel Marine Life

Eilat has the fabulous Dolphin Reef, an eco & animal friendly site that offers one of the few places on Earth you don’t need to feel guilty for enjoying a dolphin experience. 

The Dolphin pod has free will and aren’t forced to perform or swim with visitors unless they want to.  They even have the ability to jump their fence, but the positive relationship that’s generated between human & dolphin means a positive experience is had by all.  

Along with gorgeous reefs and incredible marine life, there are many areas to enjoy diving.  Eilat on the Red Sea is the obvious choice, but there are also diving opportunities on the Mediterranean Sea. 

For instance, diving off the port of Caesarea is quite intriguing, as there are archaeological ruins to explore from the time of King Herod.  Both the Red and Mediterranean Seas’ offers incredible diving, with protected coral reefs teeming with life, so you’ll be spoiled for choice!

If you like to party - Israel is the place to go!

Israel Party Atmosphere

Urban Tel Aviv is energetic & exciting, offering an array of nightlife options that will entice you to stay out until the sun rises.  The city really comes alive when the sun goes down, with everything from intimate bars to some of the best clubs in the world for your enjoyment. 

In Jerusalem, there are also great nightlife possibilities, from impressive hotel bars that overlook the old city to the amazing Machane Yehuda market at night. 

During the day, Machane Yehuda offers an authentic Arab market that is popular with locals and tourists alike, but in the evening the produce stalls disappear, and the bars take over.  You can hop from bar to bar, enjoying the lively atmosphere full of music and merriment. 

Just because it’s one of the Holiest cities on the planet does not mean you can’t party!

Israel is one giant historical landmark!

Israel really cherishes its heritage: They are proud of their past and this shows in the effort they put into preservation. Israel is so rich in cultural significance you could spend all your time visiting sites of historical importance.

Almost every place you visit, be it historic or religious, has an archaeological aspect to it. One doesn’t have to be religious to visit a Holy site, as most of them contain archaeological ruins to explore.  Israel is one of the few places on Earth that offers sites that are of equal interest to pilgrims and scholars.

Israel Landmarks Historical

For example, you can explore the city of Akko, where Richard the Lionheart built his base of operation for the Crusades.  It’s a city of many layers, with the underground excavations uncovering the Crusader past, to the above ground city offering gems from the Ottoman Empire.  

Just a few miles south of Akko is Haifa and it’s spectacular Bahia Gardens, built up the side of Carmel Mountain as a shrine to the founder of the Bahai religion.   Its many sculpted terraces truly are a site to behold.

Inland in the North of Israel is not to be missed, as the combination of natural beauty & impressive religious sites are well worth your time.  There is even a hiking/biking trail called the Gospel Trail that follows in the footsteps of Jesus, going from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee.

If you would like to learn and immerse yourself in a theme, Unique Scenic Travel is able to help create your perfect itinerary.  Please contact us for more detailed information.

Israel culinary scene is one of the best on the planet!

Israel Food Traditional

There is an incredible fusion of world food in Israel. This is mainly due to fact people from all over the world have resettled in Israel, bring their culinary traditions with them.

This variety of influences has created a spectacular fusion of flavours for all to enjoy.  This fusion, combined with Israel advanced agriculture that produces superior produce, make Israel a must for anyone who appreciates culinary excellence.

As Israel is a small country, you have the added benefit of being able to base yourself in either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and still be within 2 hours of most of the magnificence this country has to offer.

To be honest, this only scratches the surface of what can be experienced in Israel.

Diverse Israel is full of scenic landscapes, unique culture, history, archaeology and so much more, truly a country with something for everyone!

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