Holiday in legendary Egypt

Egypt Sphinx Giza

Egypt is a well known travel destination famous for ancient landmarks that still survive today.

Some of which (like the pyramids) create thought provoking conversations and questions which are forever being debated.

The pyramids are the oldest and most intact wonder of the ancient world.

Truly awe inspiring you must take your time to really breathe in the majesty of where you are standing, the history, the age.  Words cannot relay the feelings you’ll behold here.

These ancient, majestic pyramids are ironically right next to the modern, bustling city of Cairo.  Imagine gazing at the ancient pyramids of Giza from your 5-star hotel room!  The temples and wonders located throughout Egypt are memorising.  Picture yourself standing alongside magnificent temples carved out of solid rock. 

Cleopatra and Tutankhamun are just two pharaohs whose lives and deaths create spark interest, inspiring many movies and thought provoking conversations.   Imagine standing where Cleopatra stood.  See where Tutankhamun is buried and admire the incredible wealth on display in the pharaoh’s tombs in the valley of the kings.

Egypt is a year round destination, offering a mixture of modern diversity and ancient splendour.

Egypt’s water is full of life, from the Nile to the seabed.

Alexandra, an incredible Egyptian city is  home to the vast Alexandra library, the historically famous lighthouse and incredible beach resorts. Picture yourself enjoying delicious seafood in private beach resorts alongside UNESCO sites. 

Alexandra is only one of many places you can enjoy the luxurious and unique coastlines of Egypt.  White sand beaches and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean await you, while the Red Sea is home to some of the world’s most incredible marine life. 

Imagine diving amongst history from Napoleonic battles through to WW2.

Boasting a kaleidoscope of colours, the unique life living under the sea is incredibly thrilling to swim amongst.  The sheer number of coral and fish species in the local reefs are breathtaking enticing visits from around the world.

Egypt’s seabed is home to an incredible display of incredibly preserved ancient history.  Perfect for divers of all abilities, unique dive sites offer over 7000 Greek, Pharaonic, Roman artefacts to explore. These scenic sites are a dream to choose looking for an interesting diving holiday.

Egypt is famous for its Nile river, whose scenic displays can be enjoyed on a Nile Cruise.

A Nile cruise is a unique and splendid way to discover the vast wonders of Egypt.  You can even do an Agatha Christie themed Nile Cruise!

A great way to travel this famous body of water, you can enjoy delectable food and drink, incredible entertainment and visit different areas of Egypt with guided tours, before enjoying your spacious and luxurious cabin.  There are lots of fun surprises onboard these ships which are thoroughly enjoyed.

With so much to see and do in Egypt, talk to Unique Scenic Travel about custom making your holiday.

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