Cycle Through Iran

Discover the secrets of Iran on this epic cycling adventure holiday


Embark on a cycling adventure across the hidden world of Iran.

Brimming with mystery and intrigue, Iran is a country of refined Islamic cities, colourful bazaars, ancient Persian ruins, fascinating nomads and shimmering deserts.

Visit the lively bazaars of Tehran, the immaculate gardens in Kashan, the deep red mudbrick town of Abyaneh, the incredible bridges and mosques of Esfahan, the great ruins of Izad Khast and Pasargad, the cliff-cut necropolis Naqsh-e Rustam, the jaw-dropping ancient city of Persepolis and the must-see old towns of Shiraz and Yazd.

Why you'll love the Cycle Through Iran adventure holiday

Discover an Iran beyond the media portrayals of a repressive and dour regime – this is a country full of warm, lively and friendly people

Explore the rich history told in the ancient ruins that lie across the country. Modern Iran is a great fusion of civilisations – the Archaemedians, Alexander the Great, the Parthanians, Sassanians, Arabs, Seljuks, Mongols, and Safavids – who all left their mark in innumerable ways

Cycle to Izad Khast for a walking tour of the castle ruins, then cap the day off with a delicious fresh kebab

Experience the wondrous remains of the ancient capital of Persepolis – the scale and grandeur will leave you in no doubt that this was once the centre of the known world

Cycle Through Iran Holiday Information

To complete this trip it is very important that you are both confident and competent in riding a bicycle.

On this trip we have a single leader that rides with the group, and another that drives the support vehicle (acting as a back marker where needed). Where the vehicle cannot travel directly with the cyclists (e.g. a cyclists-only path) your leader will assign a person from the group to act as a back marker.

Iran is one of the safest and friendliest places you can travel but it is very conservative. It is very important that before you sign up for this tour you are committed to following a strict dress code (particularly for women) in what may be quite warm weather. Things don’t get much more different to home than this!

On arrival in Iran, all women must wear a headscarf and must also have their arms and legs covered. Men must also be conservatively dressed.

Cycle Through Iran Prices and Itinerary

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