Mystery of the Romanovs

The history of the Romanov family has been the most mysterious event in the history of Russia.

On this tour you'll visit places inextricably linked with the imperial Romanov family and learn more about this most shocking and tragic event.

In this Romanov mystery you’ll find strong family ties, a terrible death, love, despair, courage and more all intertwined in the historic Russian atmosphere.

Mystery Of The Romanovs Family

In 1913, Russia marked the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty with lavish celebrations in St Petersburg and Moscow, with extravagant balls led by Czar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. 

Five years later, on 15 March 1917, the last Russian emperor, Nicholas II, abdicated and the final period of his life began, which ended in one of the most tragic moments of Russian history.

On 13 August 1917 at 06.10, a train carrying the former imperial family left the Tsarskoe Selo station.  They would never return.

The ruling dynasty had come to an end.

Our tour will see you follow the path of the Romanov family from their place of imprisonment in the former Ipatiev House through a dense forest along with the regicides to Ganina Yama, where a magnificent monastery is now built. 

Then on to the Romanov memorial, where the remains of the royal family were discovered. 

On this tour you’ll visit places inextricably linked with the imperial family and learn more about the most shocking and tragic event in 20th century history. 

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