Literature Tour of Russia

Russian literature is a huge part of Russia’s cultural history.

You will see the sights that provided the inspiration of these authors great works, the events that not only shaped Russia, but whose powerful stories came alive on their pages.

Literature Tour Russia

During our tour you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to touch, walk and experience the environment, where Natasha Rostova or Rodion Roskolnikov were pictured in world-famous novels.

If you would like to gain insight into the world of Russian literature with their fascinating Russian characters, this trip is the best way to do so.

Stay in the unique boutique hotel which inspired the book “Crime and Punishment”.

Incorporating both Moscow and St Petersburg, a city of breathtaking beauty, you’ll visit several awe-inspiring sites, including the famous Bolshoi Theatre, the Cathedral of St. Basil the Kremlin and Red Square.

Learn how their everyday life, and the events they lived through, provided the inspiration behind not only the plots, but the characters and themes throughout their masterpiece works of art.

By immersing yourself into the lives of these authors, you’ll delve deep into their methods used to create their masterpieces. Allowing you to appreciate their works on a grander scale.

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