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Nepal View Himalayas

One of the most unique countries on earth with breathtakingly scenic views.

Nepal is full of surprises. Adventure, Wildlife, Culture, Spirituality; Nepal has it all!

Imagine spotting tigers in the forest or watching a family of rhinos play in the mud.

 Nepal’s variety of wildlife come as a surprise to most people as Nepal is known mainly for the Himalayas, particularly the domineering Mt Everest. Nepal is a paradise for every type of hiker, trekker and climber, but there is so much more to this tiny nation.

Nepal has always been an independent country, but very welcoming of the cultural influence of its neighbours.  This influence, evident from food to clothing, tattoos and jewellery has helped to make Nepal culturally unique.

Nepalese hospitality is incredible!

The Nepalese are so welcoming to everyone so incredibly lovely, happy and polite.  A warm welcome awaits you everywhere you go, from blessings to your health to offerings of tea.

Tourism is the main source of income for this economically challenged country. The Nepalese are aware of this and always do their best to put their best foot forward. You are guaranteed a welcome with open arms and an eagerness to please.

Nepal is a unique country as the country’s features are such that family and friends can enjoy the incredible unique and scenic excursions while the climber in the group can scale their chosen level of mountaineering.  This is a fantastic benefit and why Nepal’s visitors keep coming back to this incredible country. Nepal is entertaining and safe for all travellers from single women to large groups and family vacations.

As the home of 8 of the world’s highest mountains, Nepal is well equipped for mountaineers to climb the 1300 peaks which are scattered across this amazingly diverse country.

The crowning jewel of mountains in Nepal is Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain standing at 8,848m above sea level, the highest point on earth!

If you would like to see the world's highest majestic mountain while in Nepal, without having to do any climbing, Nepal has fantastic mountain flight options.

A unique experience you can truly brag about, your scenic flight allows you plenty of time to gaze upon the wonder of Himalayas’ crown jewel as well as Everest’s neighbouring peaks. With unique possibilities to land at basecamp you can witness and meet where the climbers gather before they start the highlight of their climbing career.

After this incredible moment you will be flown to a lovely scenic spot where you will further enjoy Nepalese hospitality with a lovely meal overlooking the scenic Himalayan range before being  flown back to Kathmandu.  This is a wonderful heartwarming highlight of your trip.  Ask for more details

Nepal offers everything from incredible wildlife safaris to spiritual relaxation.

Nepal has a healthy mix of Buddhism and Hinduism.  There are shrines and temples, and places of worship on every corner. Watching traditional sacred ceremonies is a privilege traveller’s to Nepal are privy to. Nepal’s Himalayas are sacred to both Hindus and Buddhas. 

Unique Scenic Travel offers learning tours for those interested in learning more about either or both Hinduism and Buddhism.

You may be surprised to learn that Nepal has a wide variety of wildlife.

Nepal Rhinos

Nepal has the nature jackpot with unique scenic opportunities to experience wildlife in its natural habitat.  Tigers are as rampant throughout Nepal’s nature parks as Rhinos. With several waterholes attracting these majestic creatures, a gentle walking safari will give you a more up-close personal experience.

You can enjoy a surreal experience of canoeing down the river while antelope herds jump alongside the riverbank. Be surrounded by a Kaleidoscope of colours as birds fly around you.  From Peacocks, to several different types of Monkeys, you might even witness a tiger hunting their favourite meal of Wild boars.

Nepal has so much to offer, this is only a small snapshot of some of the many unique experiences you can explore.  For further advice or for more information on Nepal contact Unique Scenic Travel.

For every holiday to Nepal, we will donate $100.USD from every booking to the following charity;

Docs foundation Nepal – This Kathmandu Orphanage provides guardianship, shelter, healthcare and educational support to orphaned, destitute, street children and child laborers in order to rehabilitate them into family and society.  Docs Foundation Nepal supports as many as these children as possible living in the remote and hilly regions of Nepal – where living conditions can be extremely harsh.  You have the option of visiting the orphanage during your Nepal travels.  Perhaps with Lila, the founder who will happily show you around and answer any questions.

Unique scenic Travel takes responsible tourism seriously. We are proud to be connected with associations that use and promote sustainability and responsible practices.  You can enjoy high luxury while being socially conscious as the accommodation and activities Unique Scenic Travel offers are ethically responsible:

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