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India Sights

A unique subcontinent with multitudes to offer, India is a scenic place to travel.

Many travellers make the mistake of just doing the Golden triangle and think they've seen India.

To really see India you need to get out of the tourist trap that is the triangle and really explore this incredible country.

The Golden triangle consists of Jaipur- the pink city, Agar- location of the Taj Mahal and Delhi- the capital city.  Although the Taj Mahal is truly magnificent, it can be done as a side trip.  India is such a huge country made up of several different states with each area providing a unique scenic experience.

You should consider what is more your style and where your interests lie.

Are you more attracted to seeing wildlife such as Tigers and Snow Leopards.  Would you like to witness/take part in festivals and traditions? Would you prefer to experience a unique village livelihood with family hospitality by staying in homestays or is experiencing the luxury side of India more your style?

The home of yoga, Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is known as the spiritual centre of India.  It is very easy to see why the yoga festival is held here in March every year. Read more about Rishikesh here

India is a great place for both adventures and relaxation.  You can enjoy activities such as mountaineering and whitewater rafting to relaxing on the beach.

India is truly amazing with warm hospitality and unique blessings awaiting your arrival.

The unique history of the country has paved the way to uniquely different experiences.  Each area in India is different, from traditional Silk Roads to The Beatles, beaches to wildlife to cities.  By venturing into, and experiencing incredible India, you’ll also be able to taste incredible dishes served with amazingly warm hospitality as Indians are very welcoming and friendly hosts.

Southern India has its own charm.  It’s food, culture and attitude are so completely different from the rest of India it could be a separate country.  While Uttarakhand is both a great place to relax and enjoy some thrilling adventures!

Meaningful and significant, scenic cultural celebrations happen throughout India.

Indian customs and traditions are celebrated by several unique festivals.  Although all have cultural significance some are more open to you respectfully taking part while others are more suited to observation.  The festival of lights (Diwali) is a particularly spectacular sight. 

With its origins in agriculture, the Holi festival otherwise known as the ‘festival of throwing colours’ is uniquely fun and messy experience which inspires many travels to India. The different colours represent different meanings, to partake in this festival is a highlight for many travellers.

A travel destination with something for everyone, India is a vast country with many opportunities awaiting you. Talk to Unique Scenic Travel about your perfect holiday requirements.

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